The Key to the Bucks: Splash Mountain

brook-lopez-grid-uproxx.jpgPhoto Credit: Uproxx

When you think about what makes the Milwaukee Bucks successful you probably point to Giannis Antetkounmpo, Khris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe. If the Bucks want to make a run to the Finals their most important piece is Brook Lopez aka Splash Mountain.

Lopez has transformed his game unlike any other center in the history of the NBA. He started off his career not making a 3 until his 7th NBA season and this year he set the record for most 3 pointers made by a 7 footer with 187. It is quite remarkable seeing his improvement in 3 point shooting considering Giannis and Ben Simmons still cannot shoot consistently. Lopez adapted to the changing NBA and made himself a stretch 5.

Lopez being a consistent 3 point shooter will be key to the Bucks playoff run. He spaces the floor and forces the opponent’s big to guard him at the 3 point line clearing the way for Giannis. If the opponent decides to put a smaller defender on Lopez he has the ability to put him in the post. Him continuing to shoot 40% from 3 will make the Bucks a nearly impossible matchup for any team in the league.

Lopez is also the key rim defender the Bucks need for their playoff push. He averaged a career-high 2.2 blocks during the regular season and is currently averaging 3 blocks a game in the playoffs. Lopez allows the Bucks to surround Giannis with 4 shooters without sacrificial defense which is key to Milwaukee’s success.

Keep a lookout for Splash Mountain making a splash in the second round and beyond.


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