Cincinnati Bengals Draft Class 2019

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Going into the 2019 draft the Cincinnati Bengals had a lot of holes to fill and a lot of questions as to who they were going to pick.  After the draft, there were still a lot of questions about their picks.  Here is a guide to the Cincinnati Bengals 2019 draft class.


Round 1 Pick 11: Jonah Williams OT, Alabama

Williams is most likely going to be a day 1 starter next year and should help out the line a lot.  He played left tackle at Alabama and was very good at both pass blocking and run blocking.  However, Cordy Glenn already occupies that position so Williams will probably move to right tackle over Bobby Hart or to a guard spot over Alex Redmond or Clint Boling.  Regardless, Williams will be a good addition to the line and will be able to help Andy Dalton and Joe Mixon.

Round 2 Pick 51: Drew Sample TE, Washington

The Bengals are wearing thin at tight end after the loss of Tyler Kroft and with Tyler Eifert always being injured.  Their only other option was C.J. Uzomah.  There was a need for a tight end; however, there was not a need to pick Drew Sample in the second round. The Bengals could have probably waited until at least the third round to take Sample.  With that being said, he was the best run blocking tight end in this class and he has good hands.  He did not have much of an opportunity to show off all of his receiving skills in college with 2018 being the only season where he saw the ball much.  Overall, Sample was a good pick at the wrong time.

Round 3 Pick 72: Germaine Pratt LB, NC State

This pick filled a hole that many thought the Bengals were looking to fill in the first round.  The Bengals linebacker core is lackluster, to say the least.  Pratt led NC State in tackles last year and should be able to come in and play a decent role in the Cincinnati run defense.  His pass defense is not great, but he will be a good addition to Cincinnati’s defense.

Round 4 Pick 104: Ryan Finley QB, NC State

There has been a lot of talk of the Bengals needing to get a quarterback to challenge Andy Dalton, however with the Ryan Finley pick it seems that they were going for more of just a backup for him.  However, Finley might be able to learn from Dalton and be a future starter, or at least a decent trade asset.  He is a very accurate passer but does not have great arm strength.  This pick seems to be more of a stall until next year when there is supposed to be a better class of quarterbacks.  If the Bengals really wanted a future franchise quarterback then they probably would have gone with Haskins at 11.

Round 4 Pick 125: Renell Wren DT, Arizona State

Wren is a pick that is going to need some work to be good.  He is incredibly athletic and has a good build, but he needs some work on his technique to be able to maximize his potential.  The Bengals are pretty good up front on defense so Wren should have some time to develop more under better defensive linemen like Geno Atkins.  His athleticism makes him an interesting prospect, but he will need to develop his game first.

Round 4 Pick 136: Michael Jordan OG, Ohio State

Jordan is a versatile offensive lineman who played center and guard during his time at Ohio State, although he will probably play guard in Cincinnati.  He is similar to Renell Wren in that they both have the ability to develop into very good players.  Jordan has really good size and he should be able to add more to that.  He should be able to help fill out the Bengals line and help out Dalton and Mixon.

Round 6 Pick 182: Trayveon Williams RB, Texas A&M

Williams had a breakout year in 2018.  He ran for over 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns.  He is a bit small, but he can make up for that with his toughness.  He received high praise for his attitude and leadership at Texas A&M which should translate well into the NFL.  He will be a solid backup for Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard.  He is a very good pick in the 6th round.

Round 6 Pick 210: Deshaun Davis LB, Auburn

Again, the Bengals need help at linebacker, but Davis is not going to add much to the Bengals.  He is a decent run defender, but he is not good in coverage and he lacks athleticism.  He is also undersized for the position.  Many thought that Davis might go undrafted, but due to the Bengals’ need for help at linebacker, they picked him.  Do not expect a lot of Davis any time soon.

Round 6 Pick 211: Rodney Anderson RB, Oklahoma

Rodney Anderson is another great pick in the 6th round from the Bengals.  When he was healthy,  he was a huge weapon.  However, he was a hurt a lot and that is why he was still available in the 6th round.  He does not have great agility, but he should be able to contribute.  I’m not sure what the Bengals are going to do with all the running backs that they have, but it should be interesting.

Round 7 Pick 223: Jordan Brown CB, South Dakota State

Brown went to South Dakota State as a wide receiver but was converted to a cornerback.  He is another excellent pick for the Bengals in the 6th round.  He has great size for his position and has a lot of room to grow.  He still has to learn the position more, but he should be able to do that and become a solid cornerback for the Bengals in the future.

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