The Top 5 Least Clutch Sports Moments in Recent Memory

curry-dunk.jpgCBS Sports

In honor of Steph Curry’s missed dunk in crunch time of Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals, I will be writing about the LEAST clutch moments in sports history.

5.) Brandon Knight, November 2014

The Milwaukee Bucks are tied with the Brooklyn Nets with about 12 seconds remaining.  Brandon Knight steals a pass with around 5 seconds left and sprints down the court for a wide open layup to win the game.  He misses it.  He looks like the kid in youth basketball the runs way too fast and just bangs the ball off the backboard.  To his credit, he laughs it off.  Absolutely zero ice in his veins.


4.) J.R. Smith, 2018 NBA Finals

With 4.7 seconds left and the Cavs down 1, George Hill has two free throws to take the lead.  He makes the first one then comes up short on the second one.  J.R. Smith makes a good play to grab the rebound and then he goes up with the shot.  Wait.  Nope.  He runs it out to half court?  Yup.  He either did not want to win or he had no idea what the score was.  Regardless, this was the Cavs best shot at winning a game in that series and J.R. Smith absolutely blew it.


3.) Jeremy Hill, 2015 AFC Wildcard Game

This could be given to the Cincinnati defense too, but it all started with Jeremy Hill.  After A.J. McCarron engineered a second half comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bengals have the ball at the Pittsburgh 26 and are winning with 1:36 left in the game.  On first and ten, Jeremy Hill gets the ball and proceeds to fumble it away.  The Steelers recover and, after a few Cincinnati penalties, go on to kick a game winning field goal.  All Jeremy Hill had to do was hold onto the football.  Remember kids, ball security is job security.


2.) Cody Parkey, 2018 NFC Wildcard Game

Cody Parkey has a 43 yard chance at winning the game for the Chicago Bears with ten seconds left.  He gets the kick up and it has the distance, but it goes off the upright and the crossbar.  Thus the term “double doink” was born.  Chicago fans and Cody Parkey will remember this for a long time, even though I am sure that neither of them want to.


1.) Billy Buckner, 1986 World Series

With the Boston Red Sox up 5-3 with two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning of game 6 of the 1986 World Series, The New York Mets tie the game up.  They have a runner on second and Mookie Wilson hits a soft ground ball to Billy Buckner at first base and it goes right between Buckner’s legs.  The runner at second scores and the Mets tie the series at three and eventually win the World Series in game 7.  Buckner just missed the ball that could have ended the game and maybe led to a Boston win in that game.  Alas, he misses it and lives in infamy forever.


If I missed any, let me know.

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