Weekly Recap: NBA/NHL Playoffs, as Told by Twitter

As playoff basketball/hockey approach a fever pitch, I want to do a weekly update on what’s hot in the streets so people who read this can stay up to date on ∼Twitter∼.

Draymond is at it again! Harden didn’t let that eye-poke stop him from leading the Rockets to victory in their must-win Game 3 against Golden State.

Let’s hope Draymond keeps his hands away from his opponent’s eyes and his feet away from their “midsections” for the remainder of the series, which the Rockets have the chance to even at 2 games apiece.

Elsewhere in the NBA, The Denver Nuggets and Portland Trailblazers are tied 2-2 following the Nuggets game 4 victory Sunday night.

The real story here is Game 3’s historic…


Portland ended up taking home the win, and I’d like to think the guy in this picture had something to do with it.

Meanwhile, in the NHL, the Blue Jackets have lost 2 straight and are ripping my soul out of my eyes as they continue to leave Bob out to dry and struggle to put the puck in the net.

Game 6 is Monday night in Columbus.. and John Tortorella may have said something about potentially forcing a Game 7…

“Because we will”

Put it on a T-shirt.

Finally, (Sorry for the impromptu CBJ hype up), we have the Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues headed to a Game 7 following the Blues 4-1 win Sunday.  This series has been great to watch, and has had some pretty impressive moments.

None more impressive than Ezekiel Elliott, a St. Louis native, showing us that he’s completely bought into the Texas lifestyle.

Also, The Stars did their best to imitate some of their favorite NBA stars with some… “theatrics.”

All in all, these have been some really entertaining playoff games/series.  Sorry if I didn’t mention your team, maybe have more drama that dominates social media and I’ll include it next week!

P.S. Jackets in 7. Speak it into existence.


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