Can Anyone Beat the Boston Bruins?

gettyimages-1148699756-594x594.jpgLast Word on Hockey

Long Answer:

Yes! The Stanley Cup Playoffs have shown that the amount of parity present in the NHL is unparalleled in American professional sports.  We’ve seen wild upsets across the league during these playoffs, and there’s no reason to believe that will stop now!

Short Answer:


They have the hottest goalie in the league, arguably the most productive and talented top line in the NHL, and they play their home games in Boston.

I genuinely hate the fact that the geographic location of this team plays a factor in this Cup run, but there is no doubt that it does.  The Bruins are poised for a potential sweep of their last opponent left in the Eastern Conference and don’t appear to be struggling in the slightest.

Once again… history repeats itself.

The city of Boston gets another championship parade.

I’d say it’s getting ridiculous, but I started saying that 8 years ago.

There is only one storyline that could get in the Bruins way:

Image result for joe thorntonThe Athletic

This man right here, Joe Thornton, beating his former team.  If there is anything that can get in between Boston and yet another championship, it’s one of their own.  Joe Thornton started his incredible NHL career in Boston, back in 1997.

Now, that elusive Stanley Cup is 7 wins away for Old Joe Thornton.

He might be the only thing left standing in old Beantown’s way.

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