Why Manute Bol is My Favorite Player Ever

2b12aa5fedca9bd31c2a9dee34234a1f_crop_exact.jpgBleacher Report

Manute Bol is one of the greatest shot blockers of all time, he also had some of the strangest statistics of all time.

Manute Bol was born in Sudan sometime during the 50s or 60s.  No one really knows because he did not have a birth certificate and could not speak or read English when he first came to the US.  It is rumored that Bol could have been playing in the NBA in his forties or fifties.  However, he did end up with a passport at sometime before he got drafted.  He was listed as 5’2″ on his passport.  In real life, Bol was 7’7″.  After bouncing around colleges and a minor league NBA team, he got drafted by the Washington Bullets in 1985. At this point, he weighed around 200 pounds, as his wingspan measured 8’6″.  With this build, he had one of the most interesting frames in NBA history.

Bol’s skillset was to block every shot within a ten-foot radius of the hoop.  His height and length made him great at this, but his weight prevented him from scoring a lot and grabbing rebounds.  To put this into perspective, Bol had more blocked shots than points in his career.  HE HAD MORE BLOCKED SHOTS THAN POINTS SCORED IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER.  That is one of the most absurd things that I have ever heard of.  He also had 18 games with 10 or fewer points, but 10 or more blocks.  That includes a game with 4 points, 4 rebounds and 15 blocks.  He played 43 minutes that game and only attempted 5 shots.  Bol simply did not like to shoot the basketball, as he has more blocks than attempted field goals.

Manute Bol was also known as a very good person.  He did a lot of charity work for a variety of causes and was well liked by his teammates.  Bol’s son, Bol Bol, is projected to go in the first round of this year’s NBA Draft.  He died in 2010, but his humanitarian work and ridiculous basketball stats live on.

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