Trail Blazing Through the Playoffs Pt. 2

cj-mccollum.jpgCBS Sports

If you’re an avid follower of the Review, as you all should be, then you saw my last post about what makes this Portland Trail Blazers team different, and why they are a real threat in the playoffs this year.

Well my reasoning held true, and the Rip City is making its first trip to the Conference Finals since the 1999-2000 NBA season.

Game 7 showed the absolute grit that this Blazers team plays with. Down 17 points in the first half with their superstar in Damian Lillard not performing to his playoff standards, the Blazers battled back and overcame the Nuggets 100-96. Earlier in the series, I mentioned that what made this team different from past playoff teams was the fact that they can pull out wins without relying on Dame to carry them. Having a number two guy like CJ McCollum sure helps when he pours in 37 points and a few clutch shots.

Now Games 7’s are hard enough on their own to win, but when you factor in what might be one of the craziest stats I’ve seen all season in that the Nuggets have not lost to the same team twice at home all season, makes this win even a bit more impressive.

Now the Blazers can celebrate their win for a night, but come tonight they’ve got their work cut out for them in the Golden State Warriors. However, with all the smoke surrounding whether or not KD will be 100% for the series, the Blazers seem to match up scary well with the Warriors run-n-gun lineup. I expect this series to have some of the signature playoff moments we’ve all come to know and love, and it’ll show us if this Blazers team is truly ready to take the next step towards an NBA championship.

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