Sorry Giannis

AP19083757859594-760x524.jpgPhoto Credit: The National Herald
Co-Written by Louis Snyder and Braden Wagle

For a full year, while everyone was hoping on the Giannis train, we stayed off. Convinced his lack of shooting would come back to bite him in the playoffs. I mean the Celtics schemed against him last year without Kyrie and Hayward. The Celtics also were able to easily scheme against Ben Simmons, why would Giannis be any different this year?

Well… He was. Watching this series we both realized something… we owed him an apology. Giannis is well deserving of the name Greek-Freak. Not only did he continue to be the most efficient player we have seen in the playoffs since Shaq, but his jumper even fell a few times. 7/17 is not great from beyond the arc, but it is all Giannis needs to make people start to respect his jumper and show how he can improve.

Another thing we discussed watching him and his greatness, is the current stars in the NBA. We won’t rank them now, that will be for another article after the playoffs, but watching Kevin Durant, Giannis, Kawhi Leonard, and James Harden was crazy.

Kevin Durant is a 7-foot shooting guard who can shot block. He is able to get his shot over anyone and might be the greatest scorer the game has ever seen with his ability to make every defender almost useless.

Giannis is a 7-foot ball-hander that is the most efficient and dominant inside scorer we have seen since Shaq and he’s starting to develop a shot.

Kawhi Leonard is the best defensive superstar we have ever seen, who can score at any point. He might be the least freakish, but probably the best all-around player. He is like Scottie Pippen on steroids and, trust me, Pippen was great enough.

James Harden while he lost, continued to challenge one of the greatest sports teams of all time. He put up similar numbers to what Kobe did during his great years, and did it all while the second best player on his team is a well past his prime Chris Paul. For many of you who hate Harden and say he chokes, check out my thread of him vs Kobe the only time Kobe faced 3 superstars.

After all of that, we didn’t even mention LeBron James. We are witnessing five of the greatest players we will ever see. 7-foot players aren’t supposed to do what Giannis and KD can do. All five of these players have no major flaws, they are good at everything. The only ones who are close are Giannis jumper, which is developing quickly, and maybe Harden’s defensive effort at times, but he was 4th in steals this year. These guys can all beat you inside, outside, off the dribble, on defense, and with their ability to win big games. Any of these five players can have a strong argument they are the best in the world at any moment. Giannis is in that category and we are VERY VERY sorry that we did not say that all season.


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