otb-warriors.jpgPhoto Credit: CBS Sports

Entering the WCF many expected some great series and fun matchups. Kevin Durant was out and Damian Lillard was going to get his shot to go at Steph Curry. Blazers vs Warriors backcourt, a thrilling battle right? In the East we have Giannis vs Kawhi, two of the greatest in the world dueling it out, that will definitely be a classic series, right?


These series have flat out not delivered so far. The Warriors continue to stomp the Blazers reminding the NBA how impressive it was that the Rockets won two games, and kept every game close. These Warriors are on another level. We forgot while the Rockets built a whole team with one goal how good this team is, but that is when we should’ve been remembered. The Rockets designed and schemed for two years around having the right matchups for ONE team… and still failed. The Warriors continue to remind us they are the most dominant team we have ever seen. The Blazers meanwhile have vanished. The clutch moments we saw from Lillard in round one, gone. Now we just hope this can be pushed to a game 5 and not have a blowout to end the series.

kawhi-giannisftrjpg_1cswqa6thx4ss1bkjviyc7zmwr.jpgPhoto Credit: NBA.com

I thought the Warriors might smash the Blazers, but I had no clue the Raptors would look so lost against the Bucks. Milwaukee has the 3rd biggest point differential ever through this many playoff games, Giannis is looking like the best player in the world, and the team can shoot with the best of them. While that is going on, Kawhi is looking around wondering if his teammates all went and swapped places with some high schoolers. Kyle Lowry, Marc Gasol, and Pascal Siakam shooting 10/31 (32%) in game 2 are awful. Lowry is supposed to be an all-star, Gasol is a savvy vet they traded to bolster playoff experience, and Siakam is a rising star, yet they all looked lost in game 2. The Raptors are playing for a spot in the NBA Finals and to show Kawhi they can help him win if he stays, instead it looks like they rolled out of bed 10 minutes before tip-off and want to show him the Bucks can help a superstar win. Mirotic and Middleton hit as many shots as Gasol/Lowry/Siakam did on just 18 shots, shooting 55%. Giannis is a beast but the Bucks role players continue to out-class the Raptors on both sides.

These Conference-Finals have been a disappointment. Matchups that looked great on paper, have been anything but on the court. Hopefully, the Bucks and Warriors can give us a classic Finals, and with the way, the Bucks are playing it is possible, but after a great round 2, this has just been disappointing.


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