Brooks Koepka

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 10.52.53 PM.pngPhoto Credit: NBC Sports

At 29 years old, Brooks Koepka just won his fourth Major Tournament.  That is his fourth in his last eleven starts in a major.  He has won the U.S. Open twice and the PGA Championship twice.  Outside of majors, Koepka has only won two tournaments on the PGA Tour.  Koepka is the only golfer of all time to hold two consecutive major titles in two different majors at the same time.  He has been the most electric golfer not named Tiger Woods in the past few years.

Koepka plays some of the best golf to watch on the tour.  He is a top fifteen driver in terms of distance.  He is also in the top fifteen in strokes gained from the tee to the green. While stats are great and all, what makes Koepka so great to watch is his unwavering calmness.  Even though he almost fell apart, Koepka did not stop fighting.  He had five bogeys on the back nine, at the same time Dustin Johnson was giving Koepka a run for his money.

Another thing that makes Koepka so much fun to watch is just how likable he is.  He has said that he does not really love golf and that he gets bored playing golf.  That is one of the most relatable things a professional athlete has ever said.  I enjoy playing golf, but playing a full round of golf can get so boring.  Koepka has clearly been able to overcome his boredom in the middle of rounds and has done great things on the golf course.  Maybe he purposely blew the lead just to give himself some sort of challenge.

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