The Cincinnati Reds


The Cincinnati Reds started the season with a win followed by 8 straight losses.  Only one of those losses was by more than two runs.  Through 17 games they were 5-12 and one of the most boring teams to watch in baseball.  Their pitching was pretty good, but their offense was nonexistent.  Since then they are 21-18.  Not great, but decent.  They are currently last place in the NL Central, but they are only 1.5 games away from fourth and 5.5 games away from first.  And now, at the very least, they are fun to watch.

One reason why the Reds are fun to watch is the talent and potential that the team has.  Players like Jose Iglesias and Eugenio Suarez are coming into their own and are now some of the most productive hitters in the lineup with the second and third highest OPS, respectively.  The Reds also have young talent like Nick Senzel, who is in his first year in the majors and hitting .265 on 115 plate appearances, and Lucas Sims, who just made his first appearance and was throwing a shutout until he wore out in the eighth inning.  If this young talent develops like they should then they are going to be weapons.

The main reason why the Reds have been so fun lately is Derek Dietrich.  Dietrich has proven himself to be an absolute monster with the bat.  He has 17 home runs this year through just 118 at-bats.  Not only does he have 17 home runs, but he has pimped just about every one of them.

(If you’re anything but a Pirates fan and this makes you mad then there is something wrong with you.  If pitchers can celebrate strikeouts, then batters should be able to celebrate home runs.)

Dietrich, with his gold chain and partially unbuttoned shirt, has brought fun to the Cincinnati Reds.  With his beekeeper and electrician outfits during games delayed by bees and the lights going out, Dietrich has given Reds fans something to pay attention to throughout the season.  Let’s just hope for more bombs and pimp jobs.

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