Ruiz Jr. Brings Down the London Bridge

5cf363f72500001107dbdf32.jpgYahoo! Sports

Being a casual boxing fan I don’t pay the sport too much attention, aside from when we get those heavy hitting matchups that we wait all year for. I’m of course talking about the long-awaited and hyped up fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

Well, this fight is likely not even going to happen anymore, thanks to the new World Champion ANDY RUIZ JR.!

Like I said I am a casual boxing fan, and going into this fight I had never even heard of Ruiz Jr. When he stepped into the ring against the undefeated British boxer Joshua I assume most people had a similar thought process, a joke was being played on them. That is seriously who Joshua has to fight to secure the title of World Champion? Well, it seemed Joshua did not take Ruiz Jr.’s fluffy physique too seriously either, allowing himself to be knocked down 3 times followed by a 3rd round TKO by Ruiz Jr.

Many boxing aficionados are comparing this massive heavyweight upset to the great Douglas vs Tyson upset back in the ’90s. The craziest part about this whole thing to me is that Ruiz was fighting on such short notice. He filled in to be Joshua’s opponent after the previous opponent failed multiple drug tests. Ruiz Jr.’s last fight came on April 20th, making this the 5th shortest turnaround to contend for the heavyweight belt.

Not only is this a wild underdog story that will live on forever, but Ruiz also made history becoming the first ever heavyweight champion of the world to be of Mexican Descent. He could be seen after his victory parading around with his flag flying proudly.

Ruiz entered the fight with +1100 odds to win so if you put your money on him you’re a lucky one, and just like the front of his gold-rimmed boxing shorts said, he destroyed them.

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