The Warriors

gettyimages-1133230520-e1553797259440.jpgPhoto Credit: Fortune

The Warriors are the greatest team of all time, and are an unstoppable force with Kevin Durant… but without him, they are clearly not as good. Before this series people said that the Warriors might be better without Kevin Durant, that simply is not true.

People were acting like the Warriors had never lost even without Kevin Durant. In 2016 before they got Durant they lost in the Finals to the Cavs and had a very even series against Kevin Durant and his Thunder. The year before when they won the title without Durant, they beat a Cavs team missing Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. The Cavs were winning before Kyrie got hurt in Game 1 in Oracle and even without both, LeBron alone was able to force the series to six.

Now they do not have Harrison Barnes filling that role. They beat the Rockets and Trail Blazers two teams that thrive on guards and Kevin Durant was less important against, but now they play Kawhi and the world is quickly remembering how important Kevin Durant is to the Warriors. The idea they were ever better without him was crazy.

The Warriors are still a great team without Durant, but they are beatable. They have weaknesses and have struggled to beat the dominant forwards. The Warriors need Durant back for game 3 or this could end the dynasty.

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