Every Fantasy Football League Should be a Dynasty League

14181672.pngFantasy football is one of America’s favorite things to do, but in my opinion, most people do it the wrong way. Typically, leagues and teams last just one season and have to be redrafted and rebuilt each year. Yes, it’s a simple and straight forward way to run a league, but dynasty leagues are so much more fun.

What makes dynasty leagues so much fun is the ability of each owner to shape a team over time. With players on a team for multiple years, owners can bet on development, or go all in for a season with proven veterans. Unlike annual fantasy where production for that year is vital, dynasty league owners can let rookies and young players develop into stars and reap the benefits of their development.nfl-logo.png

Dynasty leagues also a ton of flexibility in how the distribution of players is carried out. Traditionally, annual fantasy leagues have players distributed through drafts or auctions. In dynasty leagues, a nearly infinite number of methods can be used to split up players and set rosters. Additionally, the way in which players are kept on rosters for the following year can be as creative as league owners want it to be.

The best part of dynasty leagues, though, is the way that it keeps friends together for many years. I am currently in the 3rd year of a dynasty league with friends from high school, many of whom I see less than once a year. The league has allowed us to maintain our friendships even though we go to colleges all over the country. Yes, an annual league can be run each year with the same members, but the depth and dedication dynasty leagues necessitate results in league owners being more connected.

Even though dynasty leagues can take more work and dedication than traditional annual fantasy football leagues, I believe they are the superior type of league. The combination of flexible and creative roster building, the different ways rosters and keepers can be organized and the way the dedication and time required to be successful in the league keeps friendships together make dynasty fantasy football leagues the best way to play fantasy football.

You can even check out the Dynasty League rosters on excel: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1btinwJePwWbUYAIkUXen_xyZVsOoBeR4k28FQCCyEyc/edit#gid=1910235404



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