It’s Time for Baseball Nets

almora_thumb.jpgPhoto Credit: NBC

This week, on Wednesday, baseball almost endured a tragic accident when Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. hit a little girl in the head with a foul ball in the Cubs vs Astros game. Luckily the little girl will make a full recovery, but this could have been so much worse. There is a simple fix.

It is time to put Nets down the first and third base walls. Fans need to be protected, and accidents like this avoided. While they are not that common, baseballs hitting people do happen a few times every year, and it is time to stop it before there is a major tragedy. Not only for the fans but the players. Nobody felt worse about the hit than Almora who was visibly shaken after the event. He has no control over the ball and had no way to stop it. He hit the ball that’s his job.

This is such a simple fix that it might become the MLB’s fault when this happens in the future. I know the nets wouldn’t be traditional and some might complain, but a few angry fans are better than a little girl going to the hospital.

One thought on “It’s Time for Baseball Nets

  1. I attended the Reds vs Nationals game yesterday at Great American Ballpark. We set about 20 rows behind just where the netting stopped. The view through the netting made viewing the game pretty difficult. We could see first baseman and the outfield very clearly because there was no netting.
    This is a very serious problem and whatever decision is made I hope that it’s made by someone that actually watches the game through the netting rather than someone in the press box, dugout, media or press box or the owners suite. The people making the changes should have to live by those changes.


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