Ryan Day is a God

Darrion-Henry-Paris-Johnson-Jaheim-Thomas-Ryan-Day.jpgPhoto Credit: Ohio State

I’ve seen all I need to!  Ryan Day is landing five-star recruits that grew up 90 minutes from rival schools’ campus, and it’s a wrap!  Crown the man as the next legendary head coach of the Buckeyes!

Putting my facetious tone and usage of hyperbole aside, Ryan Day has been an absolute MONSTER on the recruiting trail since taking over as Ohio State’s head coach.  Landing Justin Fields out of the transfer portal, which has basically become recruiting 2.0, would be enough to satiate most coaches until the following season.

But Day didn’t stop and doesn’t appear to be doing so anytime soon.

Adding the #1 (that’s right, the BEST) Wide Receiver in the country in Julian Fleming just shows that recruiting the cream of the crop is at the top of the priority list.

If Day continues to pull commitments from skill players like Fleming here…

Forget the Big Ten,

watch out CFB.

Side note: A second-year Garrett Wilson along with freshman Julian Fleming catching passes from Justin Fields in his second year as a starter is a thought that should make Big Ten DB’s neck hair stand up.



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