The Indians Secrets to Success

168645de-f41f-4fb1-a48a-de7243d7fbb5_750x422.jpgPhoto Credit: WKYC

The MLB regular season is in full swing and baseball games are starting to matter a bit more as we creep toward the All-Star break. At this point in the season, the Indians are currently a 33-32 record and are trailing the Twins by 10.5 games in the AL Central. This isn’t the position Tribe fans are used to as the past few years we have cruised through our division without the blink of an eye.

The great thing about it being June is the Tribe has time to right the ship, and compete for the division, and I’m going to tell you what the Indians secrets to success will be. (they are fairly obvious).

First and foremost it’ll take pitching. The Indians once prolific starting line-up was a dominant force in Baseball. With four aces fans were seeing top-notch pitching every night. With the likes of Carasco, Clevinger, and Kluber all being placed on the injured list it dealt a significant blow to the Indians squad as a whole. With many of these injuries being early on, this is the month where we will expect our Starting line-up to look and act like the past few seasons.

The second key piece to this competitive equation lies on the offensive sided. The Indians have not been hitting great as a team, but in the past few games they have definitely been getting the job done, with series wins against both the Twins and Yankees that showcased some guys like Luplow, Perez, and Lindor all going deep multiple times. What the tribe is really missing however, is Jose Ramirez. JRam was Mr. Reliable in years past, and it felt like any time he stepped to the plate he was belting a double to the wall. This season has been a bit different. Boasting an abysmal .201 batting average this is not the Jose we are used to, and he is the secret to this Tribe squads turnaround. If Jose Ramirez can get his bat going like we know he can this Indians team could be an issue heading into August, despite everyone counting them out already.

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