Top 5 Unathletic Looking Athletes

0_Anthony-Joshua-v-Andy-Ruiz-Jr-WBA-Super-IBF-WBO-IBO-World-Heavyweight-Titles.jpgThe Mirror

Professional athletics are full of people in great shape who look like they could do just about anything.  This article is going out to the athletes who look like they don’t belong.

5.) Jared Lorenzen

Photo Credit: ESPN

Also known as “The Hefty Lefty”, Jared Lorenzen played quarterback at the University of Kentucky and then signed with the New York Giants after going undrafted.  Lorenzen is 6’4″ and weighed around 300 pounds when he was with the Giants, keep in mind he was a quarterback.  However, Lorenzen did not last long in the NFL but he would go on to have a good career playing in smaller professional football leagues.  He was also the GM of the Northern Kentucky River Monsters of Ultimate Indoor Football League, but he then resigned that position to play quarterback for the River Monsters and would win the league MVP that year.  After his MVP year, he was named the commissioner of the league, but would eventually go back to playing for the River Monsters.  He also has some of the best nicknames of all time, including: “Quarter(got)back”, “The Pillsbury Throwboy”, and “The Round Mound of Touchdown”.

4.) Larry Bird

Larry Bird is the most successful athlete on this list and he is probably the most athletic looking person on this list, but he still looked like he should have been working the desk at a bowling alley.  He was 6’9″ 220 pounds when he was playing, but he was still built like any other guy you could pick off the streets.  However, The Hick from French Lick is obviously an NBA great who is recognized much more for his slick jumper than for his unremarkable appearance.

Photo Credit:

3.) Pablo Sandoval

Photo Credit: Boston Herald

Otherwise known as “Kung Fu Panda”, Sandoval weighs in at 268 pounds and is only 5 feet 11 inches tall.  His nickname is fitting, to say the least.  He has been a widely known player for the past ten or so seasons, in part due to his size but also due to his talent.  Lifetime, Sandoval has hit .281 with 603 RBIs, including a season where he hit .330 with 90 RBIs.  Kung Fu Panda looks more like he should be hanging out at the local deli than playing third base in the MLB, but he has made a great career for himself.



2.) Andy Ruiz Jr.

Outside of the boxing world, few knew who Andy Ruiz Jr. was before he won the boxing world heavyweight title.  In the title fight, in which he defeated Anthony Joshua, Ruiz weighed in at 268 pounds and he looks like he could have weighed more than that.  Since winning, Ruiz’s social media has been combed through and he has done interviews, and he just does not strike me as the world heavyweight champion.  He just looks like a very sweet guy.

Photo Credit: San Diego Tribune
Photo Credit:

1.) Bartolo Colon

Bartolo “Big Sexy” Colon is the prime example of an unathletic looking professional athlete. Colon is 5’1″ and 285 pounds, he screams unathletic.  However, Colon strung together a 21 year MLB career and was the last player left from the 90s.  He won a Cy Young Award and was also the oldest player to hit his first home run at 42.  Colon was always known for having fun while playing and has been a fan favorite for years.

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