Best Father-Son Duos

the-mannings-on-fatherhood-1107100-TwoByOne.jpgPhoto Credit: WSJ

In honor of Father’s Day, this past weekend let’s take a look at the best father-son duo in the MLB, NBA, and NFL.

MLB- The Griffeys

The legendary Griffey family saw Ken Griffey Sr and Ken Griffey Jr both have successful careers and even had both of them play together for 2 years in Seattle. They hit back to back home runs in one game, quite the amazing accomplishment. Ken Griffey Sr had a solid career with 3 all star appearances and 2 World Series rings. Griffey Jr produced a far more successful career earning a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame after hitting 630 Home Runs and appearing in 13 All-Star Games.

NBA- The Thompsons

The Thompsons genetics produced some great athletes Mychal Thompson a 13 year NBA veteran produced 2 NBA sons and a son (Trayce) in the MLB. Mychal put up career numbers of 13.7 points a game and 7.4 rebounds a game and was a quality NBA starter in his prime. He also won 2 rings during his career. His son Klay Thompson one-upped him and currently has 3 NBA rings. Klay has had a very successful career with 5 all-star appearances and a career scoring average of 19.5 points a game. His brother Mychel Thompson played in 5 career NBA games with the Cavs in the 2011-12 season and put up 18 points.

NFL- The Mannings

No doubt the Manning family is the most legendary football family. Archie had a 14-year career that included 2 Pro Bowl selections. He threw for over 23,000 yards, 125 touchdowns, but threw 173 interceptions. His sons’ careers worked out much better. Eli Manning has won 2 Super Bowls with 4 Pro Bowl selections. Thus far in his career, he has over 55,000 yards passing, 360 touchdowns, and 239 interceptions. Future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning won 2 Super Bowls, had 14 Pro Bowl selections and is second all-time in career passing yards with 71,940. He is the all-time leader in passing touchdowns with 539 (Probably not for long after Drew Brees (520) or Tom Brady (517) catches him). The Manning family is one of the greatest in sports.

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