Andre Iguodala Throws Shade at Golden State?

iguodalahugmarkjackson.jpgNBC Sports

Andre Iguodala made an appearance on the Breakfast Club yesterday and had some interesting things to say.

I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago, after Kevin Durant tore his Achilles, expressing my anger with the Golden State Warriors, which you can read here.

It appears that the misjudgment of Durant’s injury isn’t the first time the organization has had a medical mishap and pressured a player to get “healthy” quickly.

Iguodala basically said that when he missed the last 3 games of the Houston series last year it was called a bone bruise. It has since then been confirmed his injury was actually a fractured leg. Iguodala experienced a similar situation to Durant’s, where people around the organization were looking at him asking when he’d be back. They pressured him by running the narrative that he was a tough guy, and not to let a minor injury hold him back. It is being speculated they may have not been honest about the diagnosis of injuries.

Apparently, no injury report is released without the player and agent signing off on it. That means somebody is lying in this whole mess and it stinks. It is just sad that if Iguodala is telling the truth, it means this organization is saying certain things to accommodate success motives and immediate winning over the health of its players.

This is not a great look for the Warriors. Especially because many people thought Durant injured his Achilles when the original calf sprain took place against Houston.

Another thing Iguodala discussed was how when he first arrived in the Bay, the Warriors had a true loyal fanbase. Tickets were affordable, the community embraced them and they embraced ALL of their fans. Now, as the Warriors have become who they are, that audience has changed into the rich Silicon Valley segment, and ticket prices have inflated substantially. Iguodala went on to say that it doesn’t feel the same as it used to. He even went to the line of saying many feel racially privileged around the organization. For example, the incident involving the lack of regard by the part-owner who pushed Kyle Lowry during The Finals. Also, just to make things clear, he was more trying to make a point of the shift in NBA fans overall than just those in Golden State.

Mark Jackson is a topic I have been on for years now. I always liked Jackson. As a Clippers fan, I took notice of how he set up the Warriors and Steph the year before they won their first ring. That year they were eliminated in the first round by the Clippers in 7 games. As you know, Steve Kerr replaced him and Jackson went on to become a current commentator for ESPN/ABC. I always believed Jackson could still coach and Iguodala gave us some intel on that. Iguodala claimed Jackson is blackballed from the NBA. Dubbed to be the ultimate players’ coach and the man who was behind the Warriors as they began to rise. Apparently, he didn’t always play the politics game, which seems to be important these days. Jackson was true to who he was, which I respect. The Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob apparently didn’t love his religious affiliations and didn’t see eye to eye with Jackson’s various views at times. There has been no conspiring to say don’t hire Jackson, but the NBA owners are known to be cult-like, and it has been rumored that there has been an informal wind saying stay away from him. Jackson was a fantastic coach and hasn’t even received an interview since parting ways with the Warriors at the end of the 2014 season.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Iguodala would lie. He is still under contract, has racked up 3 rings, and has made over $150 million throughout his career. Maybe it is a publicity stunt to sell his book, but this is still concerning for the Warriors.

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