Fan’s Reaction to Bucks Free Agency

image-1.jpgThe Runner Sports

What a fast moving first day of free agency for the Bucks. They were able to resign a key piece in Brook Lopez for 4 years 52 million dollars and All-Star Khris Middleton for 5 years 178 million dollars. The Middleton contract is the richest contract for a 2nd round draft pick EVER! Those were 2 of the biggest keys for the Bucks was to resign those two and I am glad they did.

Now let’s get to Malcolm Brogdon. The Bucks sign and traded him to the Pacers for a 2020 1st round pick and a future second round pick. A few hours after this they signed George Hill for 3 years 29 million. Brogdon signed for 4 years 85 million dollars. Initially, I was upset that we lost Brogdon as I really loved his game, but we just had no room to afford him at 21 million dollars a year. I feel Hill is a much better value as a backup guard for 9 million a year. The sign and trade also freed up at least a 10 million dollar trade exception.

I am excited to see what other moves the Bucks will make to finish off creating the roster. I feel a trade is in the works to bring another key piece to compliment Giannis to make a run to the Finals.

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