NBA 30 Teams in 30 Days: Washington Wizards

john-wall-washington-wizards.jpgPhoto Credit: SI

With the offseason wrapping up, we will take a look at every team in the NBA and where they stand now. I will breakdown the offseason, the current roster’s fit together, season prediction, and what the future could hold for the team. We will start with the East going from worst to best before moving on to the West. Take a look at yesterday’s Hornets outlook here.


The Wizards had a quiet yet important offseason. While there was no movement from the top of the roster, the rotational players were completely changed. They added CJ Miles, Justin Robinson, Ish Smith, Isaiah Thomas, Mo Wagner, and Davis Bertans. All of them will find minutes and Isaiah Thomas is a big risk/reward for the Wizards who are still trying to figure out what to do with John Wall. All of that sounds fine, but then you look at what the team lost and it gets concerning. Ariza, Jeff Green, Jabari Parker, and Bobby Portis all fit the modern NBA and are solid rotation players that they have nobody to replace. Howard and Satoransky while less important, still hurt the team to lose them. The offseason killed the depth of the Wizards who already will be missing their supermax (yikes) point guard John Wall. The biggest upside for them was the draft. I loved Rui and Schofield both players who should have solid NBA careers.


G: Isaiah Thomas / John Wall (?)

G: Bradley Beal

F: Troy Brown

F: Rui Hachimura

C: Thomas Bryant

Bench: Davis Bertens, CJ Miles, Admiral Schofield, and Mo Wagner

Rui Hachimura is the perfect fit in the modern NBA. He is long, athletic, and has a decent jump shot. Bradley Beal is a very underrated player and if he stays on the team (we will get to that later) he will be an All-Star in the east. The issue is the players around those guys. Thomas is a liability on defense even if he can return to being a consistent offensive threat. Brown is a 32% 3pt shooter, that will not get the ball in his hands that often and Bryant isn’t a great defensive center. This team will struggle to play defense, and outside of Beal has no PROVEN offensive threats. 

Season Prediction: 25-57 (14th in East) / Misses Playoffs

Before every Wizards fan kills me, hear me out. First 14th in the East seems like a massive step backward, but it is only 7 wins. The drop in the Wizards has a lot to do with teams like Cleveland and Chicago improving a young team. Every win I give to one team is a loss for another. The Wizards rotation got slightly worse, and that could be the difference in the 7 and 14 seeds in the East. I also strongly believe that the Wizards should and will reset it all this season. Rui and Schofield were great draft picks, but John Wall’s contract is massive. The Wizards I think will continue to shop Wall with Beal to get cap flexibility. At some point, the Wizards will enter the tank race, which is part of the reason they fall from 30 wins to 25 wins I believe Beal will get dealt and the Wizards will focus on the future.


Speaking of the future, right now its a mixed bag for the Wizards. They have some talented young players, but also the ugly contract John Wall is just STARTING. The team should really look to trade Wall this season, and if that includes sending Beal out it might be time to hit the reset button. The team has been trending the wrong way for 3 years now, and the 32 wins last year with Beal has the star shows that he won’t be the answer alone anyway. Teams at the deadline will be looking to add talent and trading Beal to a team looking to become a contender could be a great move. The Lakers and Kings have already been linked to him, but a sleeper to watch is the Kings who are on the bubble with some movable contracts and young pieces that might take Beal to accelerate the process.

*Louie Snyder also discussed all predictions and lineups talked about in the article

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