Thank You Sports Gods

As a Clippers, Browns, and Ohio State fan, I cannot express enough how great 2019 has been to me in the sports world.

First, let’s start with the most recent news:

The Clippers’ chase for Kawhi Leonard has been going on for quite some time, as Brian Windhorst even called it one of the most elaborate free agent pursuits ever. It seemed like a sure bet for a very long time, until… Kawhi hit a lucky 3 in Game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers (the first Game 7 game winner ever) and the Golden State Warriors began to fall apart injury-wise in The Finals. This resulted in a Toronto Raptors championship and the Los Angeles Lakers pulling enough cap space out of nowhere allowing them to sign Kawhi. The Clippers looked like they had fallen to third in line, at least that is what was reported.

The Clippers slander was real this past week. Everyone was wrong about Kawhi and the Clippers. He believes he is the best player on any team and doesn’t want to coattail anyone. Kawhi signing with the Clippers created the most parity we have seen in the NBA since maybe 2009, as he truly was the shift of power.

Signing Kawhi was huge, but nobody expected him to bring MVP finalist Paul George with him though. The Clippers only lost picks, Danilo Gallinari (who was expected to be shipped out of town if another star came), and our beloved rookie Shai Gilgeous-Alexander in the trade. The whole gang is basically back and the defense the Clips are about to bring will be a nightmare for anyone. Don’t sleep on the shooters too. Lou Will is going to have a field day on all of the 3rd and 4th defensive options.

This was a monumental moment in Clippers history and easily their greatest free agency ever. This has been a crazy 2 years since Lob City broke up and Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers, and the Clippers’ front office deserve the world’s kudos. They made my entire summer with this little stunt. The craziest part is that they never leaked a single thing. I am absolutely thrilled. Here are the new guys’ accolades:

Paul George:

6x All-Star

5x All-NBA

4x All-Defense

Kawhi Leonard:

2x NBA Champ

2x Finals MVP

3x All-Star

3x All-NBA

2x Defensive Player of the Year

5x All-Defense

The Clippers are the title favorites for the first time since the Lob City era, but this team has something more special than they ever did.

Next, are my Cleveland Brownies. After winning 1 game in 2 years (2016-2017), things were not looking great in the near future. John Dorsey was brought in and things have not been the same since. Drafting Baker Mayfield has been the greatest thing to happen to the Browns in my entire life. Mayfield had an amazing rookie season, breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie touchdown record. They finished 7-8-1. Not great, but a drastic improvement from 0 wins.

Well… life comes at you fast.

p0uuw0bgswmezbdvfkm2.jpegCleveland Browns

Odell Beckham Jr. was traded to the Browns this offseason and other acquisitions of players like Kareem Hunt, Sheldon Richardson, and Olivier Vernon have made the Browns instantly look like a Super Bowl contender. I really do look at the Browns roster and see very few holes.

I don’t see Baker having a sophomore slump because he has many superstar intangibles in his game. Also, Odell has been reunited with longtime friend Jarvis Landry and their LSU receivers coach Adam Henry on board for the ride too.

I think the Browns have a good shot at being great. Freddie Kitchens is the big question mark surrounding this team though. His stint as interim OC with the Browns was his first time as a coordinator and now he is our head coach. That being said, I love Kitchens and everything he has said and stood for thus far. Baker’s numbers and the whole roster’s overall team play definitely noticed the difference in Kitchens’ playbook from Hue Jackson’s.

The Browns look to make a historical turnaround this upcoming season, and I cannot express how excited I am to watch them this year. The Dawg Pound is BACK!

I am looking forward to the 30 for 30 made about the Cleveland Browns.

Lastly, let’s talk some Buckeye football.

The Bucks are obviously not the Cleveland Browns or Los Angeles Clippers. If anything people would put them in opposite sides of sports powerhouse rankings.

Evan Rasor and I plan to write an OSU football recruitment piece soon, so I won’t get too deep. I just want to say the disrespect being put on OSU actually makes me sick.


All I’m going to say on them is look at our recruits from this offseason and look into a bad man named Justin Fields. Remember, the nationwide recruited five-star All-American quarterback from Georgia?

Ohio-State-football-10.jpegToledo Blade

Ryan Day is also Urban Meyer’s handpicked prodigy. Nobody has film on Day’s playbook except from the 3 games he served as interim head coach, which by the way, we waxed every team we played. We sure as hell looked sharper with Day than with Urban, but that is most likely due to Urban’s health and him nearing retirement. No disrespect to Urban whatsoever, with the brain cyst and scandals, you could tell the end was upon us.

I think the Bucks are going to come out and make a statement immediately as Day looks to lead the charge of the new Ohio State football era. They will provide another exciting season to look forward to in my eyes.

With all of the excitement, I do want to say that these squads need to perform first. The Browns and Clippers have not proven anything ever and honestly this is the first time probably in history they are both great or at least look to be great at the same time. In regard to the Bucks, this is expected. Time to perform.

This is going to be the best sports year ever for me and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ridden with me with all of these teams. Unprecedented times are coming and I am out of my mind about it.

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