NBA 30 Teams in 30 Days: Chicago Bulls

AR-190719745.jpgPhoto Credit: Daily Herald

The look at all 30 NBA teams continues with the Bulls as we continue to count down the East. Check out previous teams by clicking on the team name: Hornets / Wizards / Knicks / Pistons / Cavs.


The Bulls were another team with a quiet yet solid offseason. The team lost nobody of real importance (sorry Robin Lopez). They had a great draft picking up Coby White, who I believe needs some time to develop but could be a great guard in the league. They also drafted Daniel Gafford who I am not big on, but Louie thinks that Gafford is an absolute steal and loved the pick on draft night. Satoransky was a slight overpay but a filler until White develops and a solid veteran. Speaking of solid veterans, maybe the best move was Thad Young. Young might be older but he’s a great guy to teach a young frontcourt how to be an NBA player. He is quick and has a decent jumper. Young was a solid addition for the start of the next step in Chicago.


G: Coby White

G: Zach Lavine

F: Otto Porter

F: Thad Young

C; Lauri Markkanen

Bench: Kris Dunn, Wendell Carter Jr, Daniel Gafford, Thomas Satoransky, and Denzel Valentine

Lavine and White should fit great as the backcourt of the future in Chicago. I question White’s ability to be a true point in the NBA, but Lavine is a capable ball-handler and can help share the load. Porter might not be exciting but having a 3 and D guy next two 2 ball-handlers is going to be crucial for this team. Young and Markkanen are both solid shooters for floor spacing, and with Wendell Carter rotating as well this team should have no trouble on the glass. Young will help Lauri and Carter’s development. I believe Carter will be a great big in the league next to Markkanen.

Prediction: 36-46 (10th in East) / Misses Playoffs

I have the Bulls making a 14 game jump from last year (Tied for the biggest I have after Cleveland). They have a bright young future and have built the team the right way with a good mix of veterans and youth. I believe in a weaker Eastern Conference the Bulls can make a run at the playoffs and have them just 2 games outside. Their ceiling is probably the 7-seed but it’s unlikely they get there quite yet. This team needs to show they can be competitive. They need to start building a culture around these young guys, otherwise, they will end up like the Suns or Twolves. Young and Porter should help that cause, and this team is trending in the right direction.


The Bulls have little flexibility next year, but again that’s not the Free Agency class everyone is after. Much like the Knicks, this is a big market team that could, in theory, lure a big free agent in 2021. I don’t want to write the exact same thing, but the same plan as the Knicks is what the Bulls must take. It is time to stop tanking, you have your young talent. The veterans you have signed are solid. It’s time to build a culture and by 2020 this team needs to be in the playoffs showing that culture. Showing a superstar that they might just be one piece away with a young core and some solid veterans. The Clippers and Nets laid the blueprint on how to lure a star. The Bulls need to follow it. 

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