Athletes With the Best Highlight Tapes

AP19193532509888.jpgPhoto Credit: ESPN

One of my favorite pastimes is going to YouTube and watching hours of highlight tapes.  I do not care what sport it is, as long as the athlete is doing crazy things then I’m in.  So in honor of that, here are my personal favorite highlight tape athletes.

*Disclaimer – This is in no way a complete list and it was very tough to pick my favorites.


Jon “Bones” Jones
A lot of people have a lot to say about Jones, he has failed drug tests and a lot of people think he is a dirty fighter.  However, he is one of the most fun fighters to watch.  Between his spinning back elbows, his high flying knees, and his ability to grapple, his highlight tapes have it all.  Fighting sport highlight tapes are always fun, but Jones’ diverse set of abilities and a large number of big fights really sets him apart from the rest.


Kyrie Irving

Basketball highlight tapes usually fall into one of two categories, big dunks or handles.  Kyrie falls into the latter, but it is so much more than just handles.  Sure, he has probably the best handles of all time, but he also has one of the layup packages of all time.  Combine this with a number of huge shots in big games and you have some of the best highlight tapes ever.


Adrian Peterson

Aside from the off-field and injury problems that Peterson had throughout his career, he was one of the most impressive running backs of all time.  His lateral quickness combined with his ability to just run over people gives his highlight tape a wide range of clips.  I could watch his highlights “All Day”.  (sorry)


Lionel Messi

Messi is one of the few athletes who I watch and genuinely cannot figure out how they do the things that they do.  He has unparalleled quickness and his dribbling is unfathomable.  If Messi’s highlight tape didn’t include a single one of his goals, it would still be on this list.  He is one of the most exciting athletes to watch, ever.


Tiger Woods

Most people may not think that golf is the most exciting sport to watch, but with Tiger, there is never a dull moment.  He has the swagger and energy, as well as the steely demeanor when he needs it.  His huge number of clutch and impossible shots gives me goosebumps every time I watch them.  Tiger highlights will never be defeated.





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