Browns Sell Out 2019 Season

Photo Credit: The Morning Journal

Even though training camp has not started, yet Browns fans have already sold out all regular-season home games for the 2019 season. While tickets are still available on the resale market, all season tickets and face-value single game tickets are sold out for the season.

This level of excitement from the Browns’ fanbase is something that myself nor anyone born after the Browns left Cleveland in 1995 here has ever seen before. At this time last year, the Browns were 1-31 over two seasons, and tickets were more than available for each game. Since then, a strong 5-2 finish to the 2018 season along with the acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr., among many notable offseason moves has excited the fanbase even more. The amount of trust the Browns’ fanbase has put in head coach Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey is unprecedented since the team returned in 1999.

Cleveland itself has always been a football town. Even with two other major league sports franchises, including the Cavs winning a title in 2016 and the Indians nearly duplicating that same year, the sports focus in many respects in the public and the media has always been on the Browns. Sundays from September through December have always been gameday in Northeast Ohio and fans have remained loyal throughout nearly 20 years of bad to downright horrific play on the field and poor management decisions from the franchise. It is no surprise that on even the smallest sample size of success, Browns fans are more than eager to head to games at home and travel on the road. From 1995-2001, the Indians sold out 455 consecutive home games over nearly six seasons. With continued success on the field, the Browns will sell out for a much longer stretch of time.

Some may be quick to point out that the Browns had a losing record last season, or Baker Mayfield was not statistically the best quarterback in the NFL (even though he had a great rookie season). However, win or lose (or tie), FirstEnergy Stadium will be packed to the roof with fans eager and confident that their team will win, regardless of the opponent. I, like all of my fellow Browns fans, cannot wait for September 8th to arrive.

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