Pivotal Season for Dalton

Ravens_Bengals_Football.JPG.jpgPhoto Credit: SI

The Cincinnati Bengals had long been known to be a solid regular season team that could never put it together in the postseason with Andy Dalton at quarterback. However, after a third straight losing season, Dalton is facing an absolutely pivotal year in new head coach Zac Taylor’s first season at the helm.

Dalton has consistently been average at the quarterback position, posting a total QBR between 45 and 55 in six of his eight seasons. In 2015 Dalton had somewhat of a breakout season, posting a total QBR of 70, well above league average. He also threw for 25 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions. But since then, he’s dealt with a number of injuries and won just 18 of his last 43 starts. It is unfair to put all the blame on Dalton for Cincinnati’s perceived lack of success when the rest of the roster has been mediocre around him for the last few years, including his offensive line.

That being said, when a team is not succeeding the blame falls on firstly the head coach and then the quarterback. If Zac Taylor’s new offense system fails to reinvigorate Dalton’s career the Bengal’s could legitimately be looking into drafting a quarterback in the first round of next year’s draft.

With great talents such as Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jake Fromm likely to be heading to the league, the pressure is on Dalton to prove to Cincinnati that they shouldn’t be in the market for a fresh start at the quarterback position.

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