Top 5 Sports Meltdowns

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.18.44 AM.pngPhoto Credit: Let’s go Tribe

After seeing Trevor Bauer throwing a ball from the pitcher’s mound clean over the centerfield wall after a bad inning, other sports meltdowns come to mind.  There are so many great ones, but I tried to narrow them down to my 5 favorites.

5.) Mike Gundy – “I’m 40!”

This is an all-time meltdown for a couple of reasons.  One, he is protecting one of his players.  There are not too many meltdowns that have a positive meaning, but this one shows that he really cares about his players.  Two, he is going right after the reporter who was criticizing the player.  This meltdown is directed toward the person he is mad at which makes it all the more emotional and heated.  Gundy was able to mix in some great lines, as well as show his passion for the game and his players which is tough to do all in one meltdown.

4.) Dennis Rodman – Cameraman

What makes this so great is its brevity and its unreasonableness.  After Rodman trips over a cameraman while trying to grab a rebound, he proceeds to kick the cameraman right between the legs.  The cameraman was absolutely not trying to trip Rodman, but he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time; however, the cameraman’s reaction and what he did after the game are what cements this in my top five.  The cameraman ended up securing the bag by getting carted off the floor and then winning $200,000 in a settlement about the incident.  Getting kicked in the legs is not fun, but getting carted off the court?

3.) George Brett – Pine Tar

When this incident happened George Brett was the maddest man on the entire planet. After getting called out for an illegal amount of pine tar on his bat following a home run, he comes sprinting out of the dugout looking for a fight.  He is waving his arms like a cartoon character and has to get restrained by teammates and umpires alike.  Shoutout to the ump that put him in a chokehold.

2.) Bob Knight – Chair Throw

This is an absolute classic meltdown, everyone knows it.  There are so many great things about this.  First, the chair spinning across the floor is hilarious, it looks so smooth and purposeful.  Second, at the end it looks like Knight is directing an orchestra and it makes me laugh every time.  Thank you to Bob Knight for deciding that this was a good idea.

1.) Lou Piniella – Kicking His Hat

This one is far and away the funniest one on the list.  Lou Piniella kicking his hat around the field after getting ejected is the most fruitless act of anger in meltdown history.  For starters, it’s his hat.  It isn’t like he is getting an umpire’s hat dirty.  It’s his own hat.  Also, he looks terrible kicking that hat around.  He looks like a child who just got sent to time out.  If you’re going to be angry, try to at least look cool doing it.

There are so many more that I could have included in this list, but I am satisfied with what I have.



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