How Will the Reds Use Bauer?

Ex-Indians-pitcher-Trevor-Bauer-ready-for-new-chapter-after-trade-to-Reds.jpgPhoto Credit: Cincinnati Inquire

Trevor Bauer is not like many other major leagues pitchers. Bauer is unpredictable in his timing and pitch selection, and likes to go very deep into games. He’s thrown over 100 pitches in 21 of his 25 starts this season. Last night, his first start as a Red, the trend continued with Bauer throwing 107 pitches in just four and two-thirds innings. Usually, Bauer tends to go much deeper in games, as he is first in all of the majors in innings pitched with 161.1.

Bauer’s been good, not spectacular, statistically speaking. His ERA is 3.85, he’s posted a WAR of 2.0, and his WHIP stands at 1.24. These numbers are nothing to scoff at, but it’s possible that the David Bell’s managing style could lead Bauer to post an even better stat-line in his starts from here on out. That is if the Reds intend to handle him like they do the rest of their staff. The Reds and Bell tend to pull out their starters right around their 3rd time through the lineup–rarely do they see batters for a fourth time. In his time with Cleveland this season, Bauer has seen hitters the 3rd/4th time in a game with much more frequency. Here’s a stat from @Nicholaspkirby on twitter:

“Trevor Bauer has faced 232 batters the 3rd/4th time through the order (his OPS against is 80 points higher the 3rd time through vs than the 1st time). Here are how many times other Reds SP have faced batters 3rd/4th time:

Castillo 136

Gray 79

Roark 85

Mahle 95

DeSclafani 84.”

It’s evident that either the Reds are going to have to adjust to Bauer’s tendency of high pitch counts and long outings or Bauer is going to have to be okay with getting pulled earlier than he’s used to. If he does, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him post pretty noticeably better numbers in Cincinnati to end the season, and into next season.

Maybe the Reds won’t take the ball from Bauer around that 3rd time through like they do with the rest of their staff. Maybe they brought in Bauer to help eat innings to preserve their bullpen. Regardless, one of either Bell or Bauer is going to be forced to adjust to the other’s style.

One thought on “How Will the Reds Use Bauer?

  1. Interesting take. One reason he was able to stay in games in Cleveland was because he didn’t have to bat. If he’s due up to the plate, and he isn’t mowing them down while the Reds bats are hot, he’s going to get pulled.


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