30 Teams in 30 Days: Brooklyn Nets

kevin-durant-kyrie-irving-all-star-2019.jpgPhoto Credit: Complex

The look at all 30 NBA teams continues with the Nets as we continue the playoff teams in the count down of East teams. Sorry for the delay, had some family business, but we will get caught up when we get to the bottom of the Western Conference.  Check out previous teams by clicking on the team name: Hornets / Wizards / Knicks / Pistons / Cavs / Bulls / Magic / Hawks / Raptors / 76ers / Pacers.


The Nets obviously won the offseason getting Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and DeAndre Jordan who helped seal the other two probably. Taurean Prince and Wilson Chandler were also good adds on the wing to help the team compete. They lost a lot from last year but gained a lot making this a very new team. Overall the Nets should be contenders for years to come. Kyrie should make an immediate impact in a weaker East, and while Kevin Durant will be out all season the Nets should still be a very good team in the East.


G: Kyrie Irving

G: Caris LeVert

F: Joe Harris

F: Taurean Prince

C: DeAndre Jordan

Bench: Jarrett Allen, Spencer Dinwiddie, Wilson Chandler, Garrett Temple and Rodney Kurucs. (Kevin Durant in future).

The key to this roster is healthy. Without Kevin Durant, the team lost a little more than they gained especially with chemistry, but the return of LeVert and Dinwiddie are huge. Both are very underrated guards in the NBA and should make a big impact. Jarrett Allen and Spencer Dinwiddie will be one of the best bench duos in the NBA. They have a modern 4 with either Prince or Harris and Chandler will play that roll off the bench. They can shoot the ball around Kyrie, get rebounds, and should be solid defensively. Overall this is a well-constructed team.

Prediction: 45-37 (4th in East) / 1st Round Loss in 7 to Pacers.

Again I have 3-6 in East separated by 2 games. The Nets get the nod over the Pacers and 76ers because they have the best closer, and with Vic hurt half the year the Pacers will have ground to make up. This team will need to learn to play together, but after that should be able to compete with every team in the East outside Milwaukee. Kevin Durant being out stops them from being true contenders for a title, but in a much weaker Eastern Conference, this team could make a run. We already discussed how the 6ers got worse in that article. The Celtics lost Horford and the Bucks lost Mirotic and Brogdon. The East is somewhat open. Unfortunately, in my projection, the Nets finished tied with the Pacers for the 4 seed and play the only team that improved from last year in the 1st round. The Pacers would have a healthy Oladipo by then and I have the Pacers just squeaking by the Nets. If the Nets can get to the 3 seed past my surprise team you will see tomorrow they could easily make the Conference Finals.


Kevin Durant. He returns in a year to a team that should be one of the best in the East without him. That’s a scary thought. The Nets will be looking more like a Western Conference team if they can keep that depth, and could actually contend with teams like the Clippers and Lakers if they get healthy. There’s not much else to say for the Nets future. It’s now and they just need to keep locking up their role players.

*Everything in this article was discussed with Louie Snyder

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