Yasiel Puig Will be Back in Cincinnati


I am, 99 times out of 100, a very pessimistic sports fan.  My team always loses the big one, never signs the right players, and will perpetually disappoint me in all walks of life (except for the Buckeyes, they truly are my only saving grace).  With that being said, I am breaking character here and airing on the optimistic belief that the Reds’ front office will see how much of a fan favorite Puig was for ~100 games this year, and will certainly go out and sign the power-hitting, entertaining corner outfielder with a cannon for an arm that doesn’t turn 30 until the end of NEXT year, this offseason.

I don’t see how this can go wrong!

Realistically, no, Yasiel Puig’s time in Cincinnati is done and I’ll have to reminisce on his short-lived tenure of moonshots and bat-licking for the duration of his next contract with whatever team he ends up on.

But ideally, it COULD happen!

I mean, his price tag isn’t going to be too high (even for a tight-walleted, middle-market owner who just got off a pretty atrocious contract)


Image result for homer bailey


But sadly, I have seen this movie before.  I’ve gotten my hopes up that my favorite teams will make the organizational decisions that seem to make sense, and it ends with disappointment almost without fail.

So maybe this headline was a little misleading, sue me…

At the end of the day, I’m just trying to speak it into existence, a la Lavar Ball.

Rant over.

Go Reds.

Sign Puig.

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