ESPN Released an Unbelievable CFB Hype Video and All is Right With the World

ESPNCFBLOGO-780x405.jpgAs the calendar turns to August and the back to school commercials really start to pour in, the only thing that I can think about is how excited I am to watch hours and hours of college kids playing football for no* money on every Saturday.

*tongue firmly pressed against cheek

Well, as if my excitement (and anxiety) weren’t already at an all-time high as I go back to school for my final year at Ohio State, Twitter decided to throw this at me:

My blood pressure reached heights that Dwight Howard couldn’t reach after watching this one, (credit Drake for that analogy, fits perfectly for me here).

Some people get angry/sad that their summer is coming to an end and they subsequently are forced to return to the classroom.  And trust me, when I was a kid I definitely preferred carefree summers to homework and cold nights.

But now that summer is filled with long hours working for the man, I no longer fear the month of August.  I welcome it with open arms because I know that better days are ahead.

College football is (almost) back,

Great to see ya, you beautiful SOB.

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