Angel Hernandez Stinks Out Loud

angel-hernandez-umpire.jpgSports Illustrated

Angel Hernandez, the long-time MLB umpire, cannot seem to figure out the difference between a ball and a strike.  Yesterday in a game he umpired between the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs, Angel Hernandez called Joey Votto out on strikes three times.  However, not a single one of the strike three pitches was in the strike zone.  I understand that he is a human and humans make mistakes, but Angel is having a direct, negative, impact on the outcomes of the games.  Here are where the pitches missed:

Real quick shoutout to @MLBRandomStats for being one of the best baseball-related accounts on Twitter.

Some people are saying that with two strikes Votto should be swinging at those pitches just in case.  That’s wrong.  Votto has some of the best eyes in baseball and he knows that these are balls, but he has to depend on the umpire doing his job correctly and making the right calls.  It is impossible for Votto to do his job properly if the person he has to rely on is not doing their job.

Am I calling for the robot umpires? No.  I just think that the MLB, the highest baseball league on the planet, needs to have capable umpires.  Angel Hernandez does not fall into that category.  Umpires have a tough job, but they cannot have such a direct influence on the games.

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