Tribe Back on Top

What an exciting weekend to be a Cleveland sports fan, the Browns gave the first taste of actions to the fans and did not disappoint, but more importantly, the Indians battled the Twins for a share of the division lead this weekend. I’m here to tell you the implications this has on the Tribe’s season going forward.

After being down 11.5 games to start June a lot of Tribe supporters were ready to throw in the towel, we’ve easily won the Central Division the last few years and the slightest bit of diversity was really throwing us off.

Fast forward to 10 weeks and a few pivotal trades later and boom the Tribe’s sharing 1st place with the Twins after a series ending Grand Slam by Carlos Santana, I don’t know about you but I’m ready to scream WORLD SERIES. But that’s not really where this is going.

As exciting as this series was for fans and players alike there are still around 50 games left to be played in the season. Don’t get me wrong I’m pumped to be back in the driver’s seat, but this next stretch of schedule will be the true test if this ramped up Indians roster is ready for October, with back to back series with Boston and New York, the Tribe’s going to be challenged in order to maintain that first-place standing.

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