Quarterback Futures: Bright or Dim?

gettyimages-1168493517.jpgGiants Wire – USA Today

There is a handful of QB’s in the NFL whose status as a future good or bad NFL quarterback is still up in the air. All of these guys have played between zero and two seasons in the NFL. On the other hand, there are a few guys that have played a limited number of seasons that I believe have already solidified themselves as either a bust or a quality QB (Rosen is a bust, Mayfield is at the very least a quality NFL starter, and Watson and Mahomes are both certified studs). Here is my opinion on the guys whose jury is still out.


Sam Darnold-

I believe this year Sam Darnold will take a major leap forward to becoming a good QB in the NFL. He has all the physical tools, and as long as his decision making continues to sharpen I think he will be a worthy starting QB for years to come. In addition, this season he has the luxury of having one of the best RB’s in the NFL to hand the ball off to and a few quality young targets in Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon.

Kyler Murray-

Say what you want about his height, Kyler Murray is a hell of a football player. He dominated Texas HS football and then dominated last season at Oklahoma.  There is no questioning the insane speed and quickness that Murray has, but I also am a true believer in his arm. While I think we will see some growing pains in his rookie season (especially with a weak o-line and an inexperienced head coach), I have no doubt that Kyler Murray will be a very good QB for a long time.


Mitch Trubisky-

Unfortunately for the Bears, they made a huge mistake in the 2017 NFL Draft by taking Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson. I want to be clear on this: I don’t think Trubisky is a terrible QB, and I certainly believe he can be a top-level backup or a bottom-level starter for a long time, but the issue with Trubisky has to do with money. At the end of the 2020 season, the Bears will have one of the most important decisions in franchise history to make: do they pay Trubisky or not? If they decide to pay him, they will likely have to lock up Trubisky for 4+ years and dish out $120+ million. Bears fans should start petitioning against this right now because if the Bears make this mistake it will send their franchise into another rebuild that likely will last a half-decade or more.

Josh Allen-

Allen shocked me with his mobility in his rookie season, but that and his arm strength are the only two redeeming qualities I see in Josh Allen. His accuracy on short and medium throws is alarmingly bad, and I don’t see him ever becoming a 60%+ completion guy, a quality that is instrumental in being a high-level NFL quarterback. Unfortunately for Bills fans, I believe they will soon have to restart the search for a franchise QB.

Lamar Jackson-

Other than maybe Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson is the most athletic QB in the NFL. But unlike Kyler Murray, I don’t believe in Jackson’s arm. Sure he is an exciting player to watch, but if the Ravens want to capitalize on the great defense they have they will have to look elsewhere for a QB. We saw it at Louisville, we saw it last season, and I believe we will see it again this year: Lamar Jackson simply does not possess an NFL level arm.


Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, and Jimmy Garoppolo-

Yes Jimmy G is 5 years older than the other two guys, but as Stephen A. Smith pointed out on First Take the other day- the jury is still out on him. All three of these guys I am unsure on, but I think we will get a clearer idea of the future of these QB’s this season.

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