Aquino Won’t Stop Homering


Another week has come and gone and Aristedes Aquino has continued to mash baseballs out of the park. He now sits at 11 homers in just 16 games this season. He’s hitting well above .300 and with an OBP still hovering around .400. Let’s take a look at just how good the 25-year-old has been since being called up from AAA Louisville.

For his career, Barry Bonds homered once every 13 at-bats. Aquino is currently hitting one once every five at-bats. In just 16 games this season Aquino has posted a WAR of 1.2. For reference, in 111 games former MVP Joey Votto has a WAR of 1.1. Reigning National League Most Valuable Player Christian Yelich has a WAR of 6.0 this season in 109 games. That’s equivalent to 1 WAR roughly every 18 games. Aquino is posting 1 WAR roughly every 13 games. If he were to continue at this rate for the course of a 162 game season Aquino would produce 12.15 WAR. Mike Trout has never bettered 10.5 in a full season.

The more Aquino continues to produce the less likely it seems that this is a fluke run, and the more likely that he is en route to becoming one of baseball’s most feared power hitters. Hopefully, for the Red’s sake, he continues to hit well and secure the starting right field spot for what should be a very exciting 2020 season in Cincinnati.

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