Takuma Sato Should be Suspended

63ce507fb976a876020af27b4df9ff82.jpgYahoo! Sports

Another scary incident in an Indycar race happened at Pocono Raceway Sunday with Takuma Sato crashing into Alexander Rossi, Ryan Hunter-Reay, James Hinchcliffe and Felix Rosenqvist who was taken off-site for further medical evaluation. This isn’t the first time Sato has been involved in a controversial wreck following his incident in 2017 at Texas where Sato drove onto the grass in an attempt to make a pass for the lead and ended up taking out multiple cars. Sato’s most recent incident is even more egregious and deserves far more than the fine he is going to likely receive.


Takuma Sato lives by the motto “No attack. No chance” and while his philosophy has created for some breathtaking action on track it has also caused numerous incidents that have put himself and other drivers in danger. Last year an over-aggressive move at Pocono caused a massive wreck that saw Robert Wickens launched into the catch fence and spun like a top resulting in Wickens being paralyzed. This most recent incident, while resulting in no significant injuries to any driver, was completely avoidable and could have ended much worse.


Following major incidents, Indycar always acts swiftly to mitigate the possibility of something similar happening in the future. New car technologies, safety features at the tracks and highly trained emergency response teams have seen the risks of injury or death plummet in recent years. However, Indycar has not had to take a stand with drivers to curb the sorts of moves that Sato tried to execute that resulted into Sunday’s crash. If Indycar wants to stop avoidable wrecks like what happened Sunday, the starting point is suspending Takuma Sato from at least the next race and possibly further into the future.

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