Damion Willis

usa_today_13246250.0.jpgCincy Jungle

The Cincinnati Bengals’ star wide receiver A.J. Green sustained an injury during training camp which will have him out for at least the first week of the regular season.  This had a big impact on a Bengals receiving corps that has had its fair share of injuries already.  It was just announced that Damion Willis, who was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent this year, is going to start in Green’s place.  Here is a little bit about the Bengals’ new receiver.

Willis started his college career at East Mississippi Community College, home of the first two seasons of Last Chance U.  He did not play much in his freshman year at EMCC, but he led the team in receiving yards and was second in touchdown catches.  He then transferred to Troy where he had an impact in his first year there.  He broke out in his senior season, despite missing two games due to injury.  Willis is 6’3″ 204 lbs with moderate to average combine numbers.  He ran a 4.56 40, but with speed like John Ross, the Bengals do not need another sprinter.  Obviously, he did not turn enough heads to get drafted, but his preseason impressed the Bengals enough to trust him in Green’s role while A.J. is injured.

Hopefully, Willis can fill in enough for Green that the Bengals’ offense is not completely one-sided while Green is out.

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