The Return of College Football

bo_nix_auburn_oregon.jpgSports Illustrated

The first full weekend of college football came with all the hype that it always does, and it did not disappoint.  There were comebacks and upsets and everything in between. Here are the five best things about the college football season:

Image result for sad college football fans

5.) Sad Fans

Every sport has their fair share of sad fans, but college football seems to produce the saddest fans of them all.  It could be the chaotic nature of college football or it could be the litany of drunk college students at the game, either way, there is nothing better than seeing heartbroken fans following a wild ending.


4.) An Extra Thing to Gamble On

Summer is the peak time for betting on weird sporting events.  For a good two months, baseball is the only one of the major four sports that are in season which leads to a lack of things to gamble on.  The sheer number of college football games there are each weekend gives an almost unlimited amount of things to bet.


3.) Wild Stat Lines

College football is the perfect place for players to put up absolutely crazy stat lines.  With most teams not being very diverse offensively, we get to see stat lines like that of Patrick Mahomes in the 2016 Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma game.  College football provides a platform for crazy stats on a weekly basis that just does not really exist in any of the professional sports.


2.) College GameDay

There is nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and watching hours of GameDay.  Between the guest pickers and Lee Corso putting on headgear, there is always something to watch on College GameDay.  An interesting fact about College GameDay: after Lee Corso’s stroke in 2009, he has had to memorize the script for the show each week.


1.) Tailgating

The smell of charcoal grills, the sound of corn hole bags hitting the boards, and the sight of adults being too drunk too early in the day.  Tailgating is one of America’s best pastimes and no sport does it better than college football.  The return of college football means the return of great tailgating and that is something that this country needs right now.

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