What Went Wrong for the Bears in Week 1

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After watching the Bears offense on Thursday night, there’s cause for a lot of concern this season. Many people will look at Mitch Trubisky’s performance and label him as the blame for the loss. While I’m unhappy with the way he played, I think there are other fingers to point at for the sub-par performance.

To get it out of the way, the defense played great. Holding an Aaron Rodgers led offense to just 10 points is more than any team can ask for. Sure they didn’t force a turnover, but the Bears defensive line was able to break through for 5 sacks. No part of this loss can be pinned on the defense and I largely expect that theme to continue the rest of the season.

The biggest concern for me is the Bears offensive line. James Daniels, second year lineman out of Iowa, transitioned to starting center this year and could not have looked more out of place. The center is supposed to be the leader of the offensive line by calling out blocking assignments at the line of scrimmage. Daniels could not seem to get comfortable with the responsibility and it resulted in 5 sacks, critical holding penalties, and plenty of pressure on Trubisky. I would expect Daniels and the line to improve next week in Denver.

My other big concern comes from the game plan that Matt Nagy employed. Having Mitch Trubisky throw 45 times in a single game is ridiculous, especially knowing they were within one possession the entire game. I don’t understand how the hype for the Bears running game was so high before the season opener, and then you go out and give a total of 11 carries to your best running backs. It didn’t make any sense how lopsided the play calling was, and I hope Nagy addresses that in Denver next week.

The offense looked about as bad as possible against the Packers. I don’t think it’s the end of the world, but I think I might be out on Trubisky. Based on that game, I can’t say that I have confidence in him as our quarterback for the future. There are just too many missed reads and errant throws for my liking. I really hope he proves me wrong the rest of the season, but there just doesn’t seem to be great improvement like there should be. The Bears have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL and they will certainly be tested the rest of the season to see if they can come close to living up to the hype this year.

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