Buckeyes Still Run Ohio

justin-fields-cincinnati.jpgBuckeyes Wire

I was fortunate enough to attend the Ohio State football game against Cincinnati yesterday and let me tell ya it was an absolute treat.

All week long I heard about this UC pass rush, this running back that was going to run all over OSU, and how the Buckeyes “actually got outscored by FAU in quarters 2-4!!”

All that talk, and for what?

I really wasn’t sure what to expect in all honesty, but 42-0 was not my first thought.  Part of me was buying into everything I was reading about the strengths of UC and the fact that 80% of their players are from Ohio, probably have huge chips on their shoulders, and want to shut “Big Brother” up.

Then I saw Chase Young manhandle grown men, and Justin Fields look like a seasoned veteran, and JK Dobbins outrun the entire defense.

I realized that “Big Brother” still runs the show.

Oh, and all three of those names? Out of state recruits.

UC head coach Luke Fickell is not a bad coach, and he’s got a 2014 national title ring to prove it.  But coming back into Ohio Stadium this weekend, it didn’t take long to see who had the upper hand.

UC will have a good year, and will have their eyes on their conference championship.

OSU will have a good year, and will have their eyes on a national championship.

The streak of in-state opponents beaten continues, Oberlin in 1921 remains the last time another Ohio team beat the Buckeyes.

Miami (OH) comes to Columbus two Saturday’s from now,

let’s keep that streak alive another year.

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