AFC Projections After Week 1


With week 1 over, we are starting to see what each team can do and what they can’t. Now that we have had a first look at every NFL team. Here is my projection for the standings to end the year:

AFC East

Patriots: 14-2
Jets: 8-8
Bills: 8-8
Dolphins 1-15

The Patriots looked dominant Sunday Night and are about to add Antonio Brown. With the division that the Patriots play in, they should be able to easily get to 12-14 wins. The Bills and Jets both seem like fairly middle of the pack teams, I still think the Jets could make a run to a surprise Wild-Card with some luck, but more likely they finish a respectable 8-8 as they continue to build around Darnold. Finally, we have the Dolphins who might be the worst team in NFL history and honestly probably go 0-16, but I feel like predicting that is harsh. We will say they find a win somewhere. Maybe one team will let their practice squad start against the Dolphins

AFC South

Texans: 9-7
Colts: 8-8
Titans: 8-8
Jaguars: 7-9

This is the division that changed the most for me this weekend. The Nick Foles injury was massive. I thought the Jaguars offense would be good enough to get them to the top of the division and far in the playoffs with an elite defense. Now Foles will miss significant time and Marone looks like he has somewhat lost control of the team. The Colts had a good week away against an elite Chargers team, but Jacoby might struggle to close out games especially once teams gameplan against Marlon Mack more. The Titans looked great but the same could be said for Mariota as Brissett. I give the edge to the Texans. Watson is the best QB in the division, Watt is the best defender in the division, and Hopkins is the best skill player in the division. I do think the Texans will take a small step back from last year, but in this division, they get the edge. This division is very much up for grabs though.

AFC North

Ravens 10-6
Browns 9-7
Steelers 9-7
Bengals 4-12

Entering the weekend I had Browns and Steelers tied atop the division at 10-6 and the Ravens a game below, the Browns and Steelers followed that by laying absolute eggs this weekend, while Baltimore looked great. Ravens played the Dolphins so who really knows, but Lamar was accurate hitting wide open guys deep and while that is simple it is an improvement from last year. I believe the Browns and Steelers still have a strong season and will battle for the final wild-card spot in the AFC, but week 1 was not pretty.

AFC West

Chiefs 13-3
Chargers 12-4
Raiders 6-10
Broncos 5-11

The Chiefs looked as good as advertised and Mahomes is still Patrick Mahomes. The Chargers had a solid win, it is just unclear if the Colts are a 10 win team without Luck or closer to a 6-7 win team. Ekeler looked great and Rivers made solid plays throughout the game. When Derwin comes back this team should be able to contend for a Super Bowl berth. The Raiders and Broncos both clearly are still a little bit away from being contenders especially with the other two teams in the division.

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