Oregon Pays Homage to Animal House

OregonFilm_slideshow_AnimalHouse_final2.jpgTravel Oregon

Chances are you may not have been glued to your screen for the Oregon vs Montana game Saturday night.  For those of you who may have been asleep, or enjoying a few adult beverages, you didn’t miss much.

Sort of exactly what you’d expect from this game.  However, the best moment happened on the sideline during Oregon’s rout.

This is why I love College Football.  Troy Dye is an absolute monster of a linebacker for the Ducks, and he’s out here just living his best life.

Some background, Animal House was shot on Oregon’s campus back in the 70’s, and “Shout” is part of an iconic scene, being reenacted by the Ducks’ sideline here.

I know it’s Montana, and the Ducks should win by 30, but it just puts a smile on my face to see college-aged kids like me having a time and a half while getting to play the sport they love.

There’s truly not a better sight to see.

P.S. Anyone saying this is cringe, lighten up. 

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