Adam Vinatieri

adam-vinatieri-kicking-troubles-monday-colts.jpgPhoto Credit: SI

Monday, Frank Reich broke the news that all Colts fans have been talking about for the last two weeks; what is going to happen with Adam Vinatieri? Through two games of his 24th season in the NFL, Vinatieri has missed three extra points and 2 field goals. Reich showed faith in announcing Vinny will be the Colts kicker moving forward.

Obviously, Colts fans are not used to these types of performances from Vinatieri through his 14 seasons in Indianapolis. In those 14 seasons, Vinatieri has been good on 86% of all his field goals and 97.2% good on all of his extra points. And of course, he is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer.

After his last performance against Tennessee, many fans gave their take on whether or not the 24-year vet should call it a career. Personally, I thought retirement would be the best action he could take at first. I don’t want to see him go out like this. If he continues to struggle, Ballard is possibly going to have to make a really tough decision.

Now with the news that he is going to be the Colts kicker moving forward, I have all the faith in Vinny to bounce back and go back to doing what he has done for 23 seasons.

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