NFL Power Rankings Top 10

tom_brady_antonio_brown.jpgPhoto Credit: NBC

After 2 weeks of NFL action here is a look at my current top 10 teams in the NFL.

1.) Patriots

After Week 1 I was hesitant to put the Patriots at #1, but they took that spot after another great performance this week. While neither of their opponents has won a game, the Patriots have been absolutely dominant on both ends of the field thus far, allowing just 3 points while scoring 80. This Patriots team could be the best in a decade and that is a scary thought for a team who has been going to the Super Bowl every year.

2.) Rams

The Rams have come out of the gate 2-0 and after a dominant win against the Saints, it’s hard to keep them out of the 2 spot. The defending NFC Champions look poised to get back to the Super Bowl, but it won’t be that easy. They will need Gurley to stay healthy and Goff to continue playing at a high level.

3.) Chiefs

The Chiefs and Rams are very close, and Mahomes is making an argument as the most dominant QB ever. Not the greatest, he will need to do a lot more with his career over an extended period of time, but I don’t know if we have seen a better QB over 2 years than he seems to be. The Rams got the edge just because they have the bigger win so far, but the Chiefs defense looked far better this week after a bad start.

4.) Ravens

I don’t think they continue it, but there is no arguing the start the Ravens have had. Lamar Jackson looks like he could be a generational QB, Hollywood Brown is electric, Mark Andrews looks like he could be the next Kelce, and the defense has looked just as good as the Ravens always do. Dolphins and Cardinals aren’t a great test, but next week they will face the Chiefs and we will see this teams potential.

5.) Cowboys

Dak looks incredible under Kellen Moores play calling, Michael Gallup is the deep threat he needs, but the biggest key for the Cowboys is that defense. Kris Richard is one of the most underrated coaches in the NFL after building the LOB in Seattle, he now has Bryon Jones, Chidobe Awuzie, and Anthony Brown looking like an elite secondary. Jaylon Smith and Vander Esch are 2 of the best young LBs in the NFL, and the defensive line is still anchored by Demarcus Lawerence. I just wrote a paragraph about the Cowboys without even mentioning the dominant part of the team, the run game. The Cowboys finally have a team that truly should contend, if they fall short this year Garrett should be gone (He might be the worst coach they have).

6.) Saints

A week ago I had them #1, now a loss to the Rams is not the end of the world, especially in Los Angeles, the issue is Drew Brees. Brees went down and now his getting test done. If he is fine they could easily jump back up to 4th on this list, but the uncertainty with Brees is concerning for a team hoping to finally get back to the Super Bowl.

7.) Packers

Defense. It feels weird to say defense of the Packers, but they have it. Adrian Amos and Za’Darius Smith were great signings. Jaire Alexander and Kevin King both are coming into their own at CB, Kenny Clark at 24 years old seems like an established veteran in the middle of that line, and Blake Martinez might be the most slept on MLB in the NFL. The Packers offense will be good with Rodgers, but much like the Cowboys, this defense is on the rise quickly.

8.) Vikings

This is probably the hottest take yet on the list, but they had a great win opening week over Atlanta absolutely dominating them. The loss came this week in Green Bay and if the game ended in the 1st half there is no way the Vikings could be here, they came out slow and unprepared, but bounced back strong in the 2nd Half and looked every bit as good if not better than the teams above them.

9.) Colts

There really is no clear 9-10th and this might be somewhat biased but I have the Colts coming in just ahead of a few others. Chargers fans are probably confused after they beat the Colts, but looked terrible this week against the Lions and escaped the Colts in OT at home after a HoF kicker left 7 points on the board. The Colts then went and beat the Titans despite that same kicker leaving 2 more points on the board and the Titans were coming off a 30-point thrashing of the Browns. The Bills and Seahawks both are at 2-0 and easily could have gotten this spot as well, but neither has played a team with a win yet nor have they looked convincing while beating these winless teams. The Colts get the nod for this week, but the 10th spot is probably a little behind the rest of the teams in this rankings.

10.) Falcons

This is another tough call that will have fans screaming, but anyone I put here could have. The Falcons defense has looked closer to the defense we knew 2 years ago than last year, which is great news for Falcons fans. The offense has shockingly looked questionable, but with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Calvin Ridley the team should be able to figure it out and even win games they don’t play great like they did on SNF.

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