Patrick Mahomes Won’t Stop

ffba6472-b47f-4c79-82b6-a5e246d38319-new_patrick_USP_NFL__Baltimore_Ravens_at_Kansas_City_Chiefs_3.jpegUSA Today

After throwing for over 5,000 yards, and 50 touchdowns a season ago en route to his first MVP, Patrick Mahomes somehow looks even better through the first three games of the 2019 season. He’s still making incredible throws, inside and outside of the pocket from all kinds of arm angles. He’s still dissecting defenses with ease. But, somehow the stats are still mind-blowing.

Through just three games the 24-year-old has tossed for 10 touchdowns and 1,195 yards while completing over 70% of his passes. Let’s put that into some perspective. If he’s able to keep up that pace he will throw for over 6300 yards and 53 touchdowns. Nobody has ever thrown for 6,000 yards. Peyton Manning holds the single-season record with 5,477 yards. Only Drew Brees has eclipsed 5,000 yards multiple times. He’s done it 5 times. Mahomes is just 24 and will likely have two such seasons under his belt in two years as a starter.

Oh, and Mahomes has thrown zero interceptions this year. And he threw just 12 a year ago. He forces teams to play nearly perfectly to have a chance to win. He makes throws that no one else in the league can or has ever been able to make.

I’m all here for the absurd Patrick Mahomes throws, games and seasons. He can win every MVP until he retires if he continues to do this–and there’s no reason he won’t keep it up.

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