Cincinnati Bengals: 0-3 (Could Be 2-1)

84e55bc1-03b5-4857-bcc9-7ca56944ea75-092219BengalsBills_56.jpgCincinnati Enquirer

The Cincinnati Bengals fell to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 21-17.  The game was remarkably ugly through the first half and most of the third quarter, the Bills entered the fourth leading 14-7.  The Bengals were able to come back and take the lead in the fourth, but could not hold it and the Bills came back to win.

The game for the Bengals was a tale of two halves, with the story of the first half being very bad football offensively.  The offensive line was not capable of getting anything going for Joe Mixon and the running game. Andy Dalton missed a lot of passes and it was just all-around bad to watch. However, the second half actually looked like real football.  They were able to piece together some drives and got into the end zone a few times.

The biggest problem for the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, September 22, 2019, was the refs.  There were calls that were missed left and right, which is to be expected. However, when a team is holding on what feels like every play then you would think that the refs would start to take notice. They did not. They seemed to close their eyes whenever the Bills had the ball.  Then there were the calls that had major impacts on the game. There was a Bengals kick off return for a touchdown that was taken away due to a holding call that was almost completely made up.  Lastly, there was the interception at the end of the game that, I think, should have been a safety. The Bills defender dove to catch a tipped pass and got up off the ground with the ball and ran out of the back of the end zone to celebrate. He was not touched by a Bengals player. The refs said that he “gave himself up”, however, I don’t see how diving for a ball and then getting up with the ball is considered giving yourself up. It baffles me how the refs did not call that. I also saw articles and tweets that were criticizing first year Bengals head coach, Zac Taylor, for yelling at the refs after this play. People were saying that it shows his lack of experience and that he should have just accepted that they lost.  I think that it says a lot about Zac Taylor that he was fighting until the end of the game.  He has to prove that he is all in for this team even though it really isn’t very good, and I think he did just that.

Hopefully we get a good draft pick.

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