Week 3 Power Rankings

0ap3000000922206.jpgPhoto Credit: NFL.com

Last week I did a top 10 rankings, now that the NFL is more clear I will have full power rankings. Here is an updated look at my Power Rankings after Week 3:

1.) Patriots 3-0 (Previous 1; No Change)

The Patriots have had a cupcake schedule thus far, the three teams they have played are a combined 0-9, but the Patriots have been dominant in their wins. All 3 wins have left no doubt who would win, and in the NFL even the best teams usually have a little bit of a scare. They don’t have Antonio Brown, considering he was on the roster for 1 week, I believe the Patriots will be ok. the defense has looked like one of the best units in the NFL, and if that keeps up it will be hard to bet against Brady’s ability to win games.

2.) Rams 3-0 (Previous 2; No Change)

Last week the Rams had just come off a dominating win over the Saints, but we did not know what the Saints really were without Brees. The Saints looked great this week and that win will carry some weight here. The Rams followed that dominating showing by traveling to Cleveland for the most hyped football game in Cleveland possibly since the team moved back and beat the Browns. Gurley’s health continues to be a concern and with that Goff’s ability to really carry the offense as a franchise QB. The defense, however, continues to dominate up front and in the secondary. The Rams look primed for a return to the Super Bowl after just 3 weeks.

Photo Credit: LA Times

3.) Chiefs 3-0 (Previous 3; No Change)

I promise eventually things will be different than last week, but for now, get used to seeing these 3 teams atop the rankings. It is rare to see 3 teams stay at the top, especially 3 teams that were on top for most of last year, but all three of these teams seem to have something special right now. The Chiefs seem primed to follow Mahomes to a great dynasty, the issue, it seemed like that a year ago when we watched them play a shootout vs the Rams in the game of the century only to be reminded the Patriots still rule the NFL with an Iron fist. the biggest cause for optimism with this team to get over that hurdle could be the defense. Despite an awful Week 1, the Chiefs defense looked strong this weekend and forced Lamar to look more like the QB we saw to end last year than the one this year.

4.) Cowboys 3-0 (Previous 5; +1)

Dak continues to look solid, and Elliott seems to get back to form after missing all of the offseason. Gallup’s absence was not a factor much this week, although the offense did start slower than one would expect against the Dolphins. They beat the Dolphins this week to go with 2 other questionable wins. This week they will travel to New Orleans and while the Saints are missing Drew Brees this will be the first true test for the Cowboys.

5.) Packers 3-0 (Previous 7; +2)

The Packers had another solid week against a weak Broncos team. The Packers defense continues to look like the best defense they have had in a decade, and Aaron Jones is starting to find his stride. Aaron Rodgers has never had so much help and if he can’t find a way to get it done now, it might be time to stop considering him a top 5 QB in the NFL.

6.) Saints 2-1 (Previous 6; No Change)

8 of the top 9 teams from last week won, keeping your position right now is tough. The more information and the extended absence of Brees has become a bigger concern since last weeks rankings, but the Saints looked strong on the road against a previously unbeaten Seahawks. They dominated the game early and still have one of the best offenses in the NFL. We were reminded that while the secondary isn’t a strength it did improve towards the end of last season and is good at forcing turnovers. This week will be a tough match against the Cowboys, but if the Saints can win without Brees, this team will quickly remind us why they entered the year as a Super Bowl favorite.

7.) Vikings 2-1 (Previous 8; +1)

The Vikings like the Saints lone loss is against an undefeated team that appears in our top 5. The Vikings completely dominated both sides of the ball against the Raiders, and Dalvin Cook continues to run all over defenses. This is the team Mike Zimmer has been best within Minnesota, a power running team with a strong defense. The Kirk Cousins experiment last year with John DeFilippo failed. The team moved on from him, got back to power running and now look like the elite team they were 2 years ago when they were a game away from the Super Bowl.

8.) Colts 2-1 (Previous 9; +1)

Photo Credit: Yahoo

The Colts continue to look like a great team despite the loss of Andrew Luck before the season. The Colts were considered Super Bowl sleepers before that point, and are starting to look like they have the roster to still be a tough out in the playoffs. The lone loss to the Chargers on the road in overtime after the HoF kicker left 7 on the board, coupled with 2 strong wins have to Colts looking like a playoff team. Reich has proven success with backups in the past and did great work with Wentz and Luck making them both look like MVP Quarterbacks. Brissett’s job should be easy as long as the offensive line and Marlon Mack can stay healthy. The loss of Malik Hooker was big for the secondary, but the Colts used a lot of draft capital the past few years at safety and should be prepared.

9.) Lions 2-0-1 (Previous NR)

The Lions week 1 was not convincing after blowing a huge lead against the Cardinals ending in a tie, since then, however, the Lions might be the surprise team in the league. The Lions have wins over the Chargers and Eagles, both 1-2 teams with far more talent than that. Many would have predicted those teams to be 2-1 with wins over the Lions, and the Lions were underdogs in both. The issue for the Lions is despite looking better than advertised thus far, 2 teams in their division are ranked higher and look better, and the only team below them in the division was last years division winner. It is early and I would anticipate regression in Detriot, but for now, they get into the top 10.

10.) Ravens 2-1 (Previous 4; -6)

Dropping 6 spots after a loss in Kansas City might seem harsh, but the biggest issue was Lamar Jackson. If the team had lost a shootout with Lamar looking like he did Week 1 and 2 it would have been ok, but he did not. He looked like the Lamar of old. A 5 point loss to the Chiefs might even be better than the 6 point home win over Arizona the previous week, but Lamar was concerning. The other reason for this drop would be the play of others in the top 10. The Ravens still have had a solid start to the year, and could quickly fire back up the rankings.

11.) Bears 2-1 (Previous NR)

A dominating MNF win over the Redskins helped fans feel better after an abysmal first 2 weeks from the offense. While the Bears offense was nothing special on Monday, it was similar to last year, enough to survive and let the defense win games.

12.) Texans 2-1 (Previous 16; +4)

The Texans had a solid showing over the Chargers who despite the talent, have to be concerned with where they are. After a rough win over the Jaguars, this win showed the Texans are still playing close to the level that they ended last year with. The Texans get the Panthers this week, and will likely be battling with the Colts for the division.

13.) 49ers 3-0 (Previous 13; No Change)

Undefeated with wins over Buccs, Bengals, and Steelers is not very convincing. The 9ers still have Kyle Shannahan running the show, and if Jimmy G can look like the QB they hoped for instead of the QB who threw 5 straight INT’s in practice, this team could be a playoff team, for now, the 9ers will need to get ready for some tougher tests.

Photo Credit: Forbes

14.) Bills 3-0 (Previous 14; No Change)

The last undefeated team and we are to the point that just by being undefeated it is time to be ranked. The Bills have narrowly escaped the Jets and Bengals, along with a win over the Giants led by Eli Manning, giving them 0 credible wins. This week the Bills will play New England and we will quickly find out if this team is for real.

T15.) Atlanta Falcons 1-2 (Previous 10; -5)

Atlanta’s defense took a big hit with the loss of Neal, and the offense has yet to fully find their stride. The Falcons have a huge upside if the offense can get going (Matt Ryan stops throwing INT’s). They have played a tough schedule, this weeks matchup against the Titans is a must-win for the Falcons.

T15.) Seattle Seahawks 2-1 (Previous 12; -3)

The Seahawks had two unconvincing wins to start the year against questionable teams, then continued to lay an egg against the Breesless Saints. Seahawks are 2-1 with plenty of reasons to be optimistic, but they have yet to make a statement.

17.) Cleveland Browns 1-2 (Previous NR)

Photo Credit: Sporting News

Since getting throttled by the Titans to start the year, the Browns have done what was expected. They crushed a depleted Jets team and put up a good fight against the Rams. A win against the Rams in the biggest game in Cleveland in what seems like my life could have been a statement win. Now the Browns must regroup and figure out the playcalling. Questionable play-calling was talked about all week and will continue to be a focus if this team does not turn around quickly.

18.) Philadelphia Eagles 1-2 (Previous 15; -3)

The Eagles clock in at 18 due to having one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. A close loss against Atlanta followed by a game where the Lions never seemed to be challenged is a bit concerning. The offensive line was supposed to be a strength in Philly but has not been able to help the rookie Miles Sanders get much going. The Eagles now travel to Green Bay tonight and will need a victory before things start to spiral.

19.) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 (Previous NR)

The Jaguars got a big win against the titans and have a point differential of just -2. The loss to the Chiefs Week 1 was rough, but Mahomes is special. Since then the team put itself in position to beat the Texans and beat the Titans handily. The Jalen Ramsey situation will be one to watch as will Doug Marrone’s ability to hold on to the locker room.

20.) Los Angeles Chargers 1-2 (Previous NR)

The Chargers like the Eagles have a team with the talent to contend and seemed to be going in the right direction to end last year, but this year has been rocky to be nice. The Chargers benefitted from an HoF kicker leaving 7 points on board to avoid an 0-3 record. They have the talent to turn it around, and a game against the Dolphins might be exactly what the team needed.

21.) Tennessee Titans 1-2 (Previous NR)

After a dominating win over the Browns, the Titans have fallen back to earth. Back to back losses in the division leaves the Titans in the basement of the AFC South. Mariota needs to step up if he does not want Tennessee to be looking for a new QB next year.

22.) New York Giants 1-2 (Previous NR)

Daniel Jones had a phenomenal start to his career on Sunday, but the rest of the roster still has too many holes for this team to really compete. The Giants could quickly get to 2-2 with a win over the winless Redskins at home, but after that will get a reality check against the Vikings and Patriots. The future is coming in New York, but it is not here yet.

23.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2 (Previous NR)

After beating the Panthers, the Buccaneers failed to get above .500 against the Giants on Sunday and now face the Rams and Saints. The Buccs needed to build momentum before now, and they have not. Winston’s days in Tampa may be numbered if he does figure out a way to get the Buccaneers in a promising position down the stretch.

24.) Carolina Panthers 1-2 (Previous NR)

A loss to the Buccs and a win over the Cardinals put them perfectly in the 24th spot. The loss of Newton seemed like an issue, but Kyle Allen played another outstanding game after he did the same last year. Cam Newton is still a good QB and has won an MVP, but Allen seems to be able to hold down the fort while Cam is out, and the Panthers might have to start wondering if Cam Newton is worth a 100 million dollar contract.

Photo Credit: AZ Sports

25.) Arizona Cardinals 0-2-1 (Previous NR)

The Cardinals have shown flashes in a comeback against the Lions or a close game against the Ravens, but had a very winnable game against a weak Panthers team without Cam Newton and looked unimpressive. Kyler has been sacked more than any QB in the NFL, and if Kliff isn’t careful he is going to get his franchise QB hurt. The Cardinals have things to be optimistic about in the future, but Kliff needs to prove his system can work quickly. Typically new schemes to the NFL work best the first year before there is tape, and it has not looked great thus far.

26.) Oakland Raiders 1-2 (Previous NR)

A Week 1 divisional win over the Broncos gave the team hope, but since then they have been a doormat for the Chiefs and Vikings. Derek Carr has no real weapons and a team that seemed to have built an offense designed for Antonio Brown is reeling from losing him.

27.) Cincinnati Bengals 0-3 (Previous NR)

The Bengals could easily be 2-1 right now but have failed to pick up a win. 2 of the loss have come against the undefeated Bills and 9ers, but they have only beaten teams that will be appearing below the Bengals on this list. John Ross looks great, and Andy Dalton looks like the QB they need him to be. Joe Mixon will need to really get going if this team wants to get out of the basement.

28.) Pittsburgh Steelers 0-3 (Previous NR)

What a difference a year makes. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are out, Big Ben is hurt, and the Steelers look lost. A big 3 that had them in contention for years is out and Juju Smith-Schuster has yet to look ready to take the mantle. The Steelers will use this year to see what Mason Rudolph can do for the day Big Ben retires.

29.) Denver Broncos 0-3 (Previous NR)

The Broncos have had a tough schedule lately, but it won’t get any easier. The AFC West plays the NFC North which is the toughest division in football right now, along with 2 games against the Chiefs means this team will be heading for a top 5 pick.

30.) New York Jets 0-3 (Previous NR)

Not having them 31st is probably a hot take to many, but the Redskins have looked almost just as bad. The Jets are about to get Darnold back and if healthy should have a good enough roster to get out of the winless club quickly. An early bye is EXACTLY what this team needed.

31.) Washington Redskins 0-3 (Previous NR)

It’s Dwayne Haskins time. Case Keenum looks terrible, the defense is awful, Guice is hurt again, the offensive line is falling apart without Williams, and outside of Terry McLaurin, this team’s Wide Receivers don’t seem ready to step up.




Worst Team in NFL History.) Miami Dolphins 0-3 (Previous Worst Team in NFL History)

You know it. I know it. They know it. They will be here all year. Some might say its unfair some teams get 2 bye weeks.

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