CFB Playoff Prediction

11636444_web1_CFP-National-Championship-Clemson-Alabama-Football.jpgPhoto Credit: LV Review

We are 5 weeks into the College Football Season and it is time to start looking at what the playoff might look like.

1. Alabama

Alabama is unlikely to lose. The only team in the SEC that may be up to the task is Georgia, but even they have looked mortal at some points this year. Alabama has been on another level and looks like they could have the top QB selected in the draft along with 3 of the top WRs selected. Alabama’s defense looks like the lesser of the two groups which are a great issue for Alabama because the defense always steps up.

2. Clemson

Despite the scare on Saturday, Clemson survived. Much like Syracuse the last few years, the team had a little midseason lapse, but they escaped and still have one of the most talented rosters in college football to memory. If Lawerence gets back to how he looked last year this team should be facing Alabama in a rematch.

3. Ohio State

Ohio State looks special right now and Justin Fields is showing the country why he was ranked above the prodigy, Trevor Lawerence coming out of high school. The Big Ten does not seem to have the same firepower they have had in past years and Michigan does not seem ready to beat this team yet.

4. Oklahoma

There is no way all 4 of the teams listed thus far remain undefeated the whole season, but it is tough to see another outcome. The QBs here are another level and all have a strong Heisman case (The best QB of the bunch Lawerence is the only one likely to not get invited to New York).

Just Outside

Georgia: UGA is maybe the 2nd or 3rd best team in the country, but the SEC will be rough and even if they only lose to Alabama they might not get in. A conversation between Ohio State, UGA, and Oklahoma. This could be another year with a tough debate and it might be time to consider an 8 team playoff.

Oregon: The Ducks might finish a bad 2nd half in the opener away from a Playoff berth. The Pac-12 needs to start screaming for an 8 team playoff if they want to recruit and be involved. All Power 5 teams with a bid; plus 3 wild cards seems fair especially with the quality of the 5 teams listed above.

Notre Dame: Notre Dame proved a week ago that this isn’t the same team that got smashed by Clemson a year ago, or the 2013 National Championship runner up. This team is better. The issue is those games will make it tough for the committee to put them in with 1 loss over UGA, OU, or OSU (I know they aren’t supposed to consider that, but they are human), plus the head to head loss to UGA. The only way I see Notre Dame getting in is a bad loss from Ohio State or Oklahoma and UGA crushing Bama in a fashion that makes Notre Dame coming close to UGA look extremely good.

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