Dear Bengals, Please Go 0-16

usa_today_10472319.0.jpgDaily Norseman

I am aware that going through an 0-16 season would be one of the most painful things I have had to do in sports. However, I feel like I must remind everyone that this is the same team that has been ripping my heart out for nearly 21 years so I think I am pretty used to it by now. The organization, as a whole, needs a facelift. Scratch that. They need an entirely new face. Having Mike Brown as the owner/GM is clearly just not working anymore. He is not willing to spend the money needed to put together a competitive team. Please sell the team, but not overseas. Please not overseas.

Now that I got that off my chest, here’s what I think would be a good idea for the Bengals to do. TRADE. Ship away all the good players, Green, Mixon, Eifert, Atkins, any player who you watch and say, “they’re pretty good”. Use these trades to stockpile draft picks.  Use said draft picks to draft linemen. Build up around the solid core. Don’t get me wrong, this would make me very sad for a long time, but I think this weird limbo that we are in currently will inevitably make me sadder. The Bengals are a bad team that do not seem to want to get better. It feels like only having their own draft picks and trying to plug Andrew Whitworth sized holes with a Kroger bag filled with other Kroger bags is enough for them.

Cincinnati fans are loyal people who just want to feel like their team cares about them. Please do something for the fans. Please.

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